hello 2016

Well, hello 2016!
I have been slowly counting down the days until you graced us with your presence. 2015 has been a dreadful year from the start, so I have been ready to say good riddance for a long time now. Please don’t let me down 2016, we got this!
I decided to set myself a few goals for this year, blog and life related. I am determined to not give up on any of them, so fingers crossed I don’t lose motivation..

Improve SEO 
I try and try and try, but everything that I do to try to improve my SEO never seems to work. I really must be doing something wrong, knowing me I have probably done something to direct people away from this blog ha. So this is definitely something that I want to improve on in 2016, any tips please let me know!
Improve Writing/Photos/Social Media
This is something that I constantly want to improve on and think I am getting there slowly, I just need to carry on and push myself a bit more. 
Be more creative
This definitely links to the goal before. I need to learn to write things down, as I always think of creative things to do after I have written a post. I suppose this goal should actually be called ‘be more organised’ ha.
Change Hair Colour
I am now so used to Turquoise hair, that I am too scared to change it through fear that I may not like the new colour as much. Silly I know. I will change it this year though, the problem is just deciding which colour to go next!
Lose Weight
Standard New Years goal. I’m sure I make this same resolution every year, but working in an office I really don’t do much exercise during the day. So hopefully a combination of moving more and eating less junk will help me with this goal. A treat will still be allowed every now and then though, I can’t be that mean to myself!
★ Get a new Tattoo
I have wanted a new tattoo for ages, so hopefully this year I will pluck up the courage/funds to get it done. I have the design ready and everything, I just need to book!

Save to move out
Me and Lewis are rubbish at saving, so from now on, we will both be making more of an effort to get some pennies saved. Otherwise we will never live together. 
Have you set yourself any goals for this year?
Happy New Year lovelies, lets make 2016 a good one eh?! ♥

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