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I really love Christmas, incase you hadn’t already guessed! But this year I just haven’t been feeling it as much as normal. As you will know, I lost my nan earlier in the year so Christmas has lost its sparkle ever so slightly. I know that she wouldn’t have wanted anybody to be sad at Christmas or anytime throughout the year, so we have made sure to carry on with certain traditions that make Christmas.

In our family, we do certain things every year at Christmas time which have slowly made their way into a kind of family tradition and have become things that I look forward to. 
Making mince pies
My mum makes the bestest mince pies, not that I am biased or anything but honestly they are amazing and something that I enjoy helping her with eating.
Last minute shopping on Christmas Eve
I always have my presents sorted by Christmas Eve, but I love going to my local shopping centre just for a browse and to grab a festive hot chocolate, then coming home to watch a cute film. There is something about the atmosphere on Christmas Eve that I just adore.
Eating my body weight in chocolates and biscuits before the big day
This happens every year, boxes of biscuits and chocolates get put away for Christmas only to be brought out in the weeks leading up to Christmas and needing to be replaced before the big day.
Watching countless Disney films
Obviously, I watch them all year round but Christmas just gives me a bigger excuse to bulk watch the Disney classics.
Wearing as many Christmas jumpers as I can
I love a Christmas jumper and at risk of sounding like my nan, I like to get my moneys worth ha! So I like to wear them as much as I can before they are stored away again for the year.
Trying to persuade my dad to take my Carol singing on Christmas Eve
Every year since I can remember I have asked my dad to take me Carol singing on Christmas Eve, which he never has I like to add. But now it has become tradition for me to still ask, I don’t know what I would do if he actually turned round and said yes!
My annual Christmas Eve quiz
Every year, my mum makes a quiz for me to do on christmas Eve based on things that have happened throughout the year and if I get them all right I get a present early! I’m such a child but would be heartbroken if she didn’t do it one year.
Spending time with the family
I know this one is a bit cliché, but after this year this is definitely something that i will appreciate more this Christmas just having as many people together as we can.
Even writing this list has made me feel all warm and fuzzy and ready to share happy memories throughout the festive season. ♥
What family traditions do you have at Christmas time?


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      Thank you! 🙂

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