Monday, 7 December 2015

MAC viva glam rihanna lipstick - the perfect christmas red

mac viva glam riri
mac viva glam rihanna lipstick

This lipstick has been in my collection for absolutely ages but for some reason it only comes out during the festive season. The packaging, shade and texture just screams Christmas to me! Can you tell I'm feeling festive?!

mac viva glam rihanna lipstick review

I remember really wanting this shade when it first got announced and seeing it sat there at the MAC counter like a little beam of light, I just couldn't resist adding it onto my purchase. I really like a frosted finish but very rarely wear it, as I find it very hard to suit and I think it only really works with certain shades without being too nineties-esque!

I absolutely love the packaging too and think this is another reason why I find this lipstick so festive. I don't normally fuss too much over packaging, but like the subtle colour change on the standard black number.

mac viva glam rihanna swatch
mac viva glam rihanna review swatch

The staying power on this finish is pretty good too, after a few hours it only seems to wear in the corners and manages to keep its boldness and shimmer. Lets face it, the last thing that you want to do when you are eating your roast turkey is touch up your lipstick, so this really is perfect! 

Now to watch a Christmas film...

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