Friday, 4 December 2015

funko time: princess bubblegum

funko pop adventure time princess bubblegum
princess bubblegum funko pop

 ♥ Give me a hug, hero. 

Before we start, I am just gunna throw it out there that I have serious hair envy of Princess Bubblegum, just look at the bumps in the bottom and the colour...serious hair goals here! PB is one of my many favourite characters in Adventure Time and this Funko is just perfect. I love her colouring, it definitely brightens up a rainy day! ♥
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  1. Although I don't watch Adventure Time, I must agree that this Funko is really adorable! I recently got Ariel for a leaving present and it is so cute!


    1. Ha Ariel is definitely on her way to me as we speak lol! :D

  2. PB! Amazing! Have you seen they're releasing a brand new line of Funkos in the new year? Can't wait! x

    1. OMG yes!! 2 words...Flame Princess :D


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