Monday, 21 December 2015

ciaté mini mani month advent calendar - day 16 -20

ciaté mini mani month
ciaté advent calendar 2015

It's Christmas weeeeeek! Which is amazing, but also super scary thinking how quick it has come around! I cannot believe there is only a few days to go and it only really dawned on me when I opened door 20 on the advent calendar, I am a little slow ha!

Here is what I found behind doors 16 - 20...

ciate day 16 and 17

Day 16 held the most Christmassy nail glitter ever, although I can never say the word gold without belting it our like Spandau Ballet! I was never too big a fan of loose nail glitter before, as it never seemed to stick properly but now I seem to have mastered it, so have it on my nails currently and have become obsessed. Day 17 is a nice gunmetal shade, I never seem to wear silver or grey tones so this could be an excuse to start.

ciate day 18 and 19

Day 18 is a super glittery holographic polish, which would look perfect as an accent nail or over a darker shade. Day 19 is a deep raspberry, which I didn't think I would wear looking at it in the bottle but once I painted it on, I knew it was a shade that I would definitely wear.

ciate advent day 20
Day 20 is another nail treatment which is designed to strengthen the nails, really handy at this time of year, when the weather plays havoc with my nails.

I can't wait to see which polishes are left to open! But feeling a bit sad that the calendar is nearly at its end.

See all of the previous days here:

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