Sunday, 6 December 2015

ciaté mini mani month advent calendar - days 1 - 5

ciaté advent calendar
ciaté mini mani month advent calendar

This year, I have been lucky enough to recieve a Ciaté nail polish advent calendar. My mum is so cute, she gets me a Ciaté advent calendar so she doesn't feel bad buying herself a Yankee Candle one. That way we both win (lol).

I thought I would show you what is behind doors 1 - 5 (obviously if you are trying to keep this a surprise for whatever reason, don't look down!)....

ciaté mini mani month
ciaté heirloom ciaté check mate

Behind the first door was Heirloom, a lovely two tone plum and gold shade. Perfect for these winter months. You need about 3 coats for full coverage with this one.  Behind Day 2 was Check Mate, a clear polish with tiny black and white confetti pieces, this really spruces up a plain nail mani and looks like a lot more effort is put in than actually is!

ciaté pom pom cutie pie
ciaté day 3 and 4

Behind the third door I received Pom Pom, a bold Christmassy red. This is super glossy and I think I will be sporting this as part of a Christmas themed nail design. Day 4 contains Cutie Pie, a very pale baby pink, this is slightly too pale for me but would be useful if I even needed a skin tone for some nail art.

ciaté bloom boost nail polish

Behind day 5 is Bloom Boost - an illuminating nail treatment that is supposed to make nails look healthy. I look forward to trying this out, especially as my nails always get covered in dye, so will be nice to give them some much needed TLC.

My favourite so far definitely has to be Heirloom, you all know how I feel about a bit of sparkle!


  1. Oh these are so sweet! I love Ciate, and this is such a nice idea! I bet the confetti and the pale pink would look smashing together! x

    1. Awww yeah definitely, I may give that a go! :)


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