Friday, 13 November 2015

tsum tsum collection

tsum tsum collection

As you will know if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I love a Tsum Tsum. If you are unfamiliar with Tsum Tsum's, they are cute, squidgy, tiny Disney plushes that are pretty addictive to collect.

I must admit, my collection isn't as elaborate as some I have seen, as I decided to only buy characters I really love and not splurge on full collections. That and the fact my niece steals them when she comes round so I have learnt not to get too attached before they disappear. 

disney princess tsum tsum
The Princesses
So I made the hard decision of only buying the main Princess when a new collection comes out, unless its a film I super love. Beauty and the Beast hurry up I am looking at you! Ariel is definitely my favourite Princess so far, I just love the star detail in her hair! I am slightly gutted that I missed out on Jasmine though, I constantly live in hope that she will reappear every time I go into the Disney Store.

the nightmare before christmas spiderman tsum tsum
The Boys (+ Sally)
I let out a little squeal when I saw The Nightmare Before Christmas collection in the Disney Store. I managed to resist the whole collection somehow and just settled for Sally and her two Jacks. Spiderman is my favourite Super Hero too, so there was no way that i was going to walk away from this beauty.

So far this is my collection, although I am sure I had a fair few more that I would probably find in my nieces stash. *cough* Thumper *cough*

Do you collect these cute bundles of joy? Which is your favourite Tsum Tsum collection? ♥
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  1. Great post, I love reading about other blogger's tsum tsum collections! :)
    The Jack Skellington tsum tsum is one of my favourite so far.

    1. Thank you :) yeah Jack is definitely the best one! :D


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