Tuesday, 17 November 2015

pop in a box - November 2015

I actually forgot about Pop in a Box this month. I know, I have no idea how either! I think because I ordered myself a new Funko from them directly that I forgot another little treat was coming. 

When I saw a little brown, square box sitting on the stairs, I got a little excited as to who was inside..

the pumpkin king funko pop
funko pop vinyl pumpkin king


I really didn't expect this pop and am so, so happy! Lewis has tried to steal it several times now and it's good to finally have a pop that he is jealous of. 

It's a shame that I didn't get it in time for Halloween, but he will live quite happily on my shelf reminding me of Halloween everyday! I do sing 'Jack, The Pumpkin King...' every time I walk past him now too!

As you can probably tell, there is a slight theme of The Nightmare Before Christmas going on with my collection! ♥ 

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