Friday, 27 November 2015

christmas jumper wishlist

As you all know, I love a Christmas jumper. If you didn't, where have you been every year on this blog?! The Christmas jumper market just gets better each year which makes me even more excited. Here are my top picks so far for this year..
christmas 2015 jumper wishlist

Gingerbread Man - Asda // Elsa - Asda // Little Miss Christmas - Truffle Shuffle // Reindeer Fairisle -   Peacocks // 
December 25th - New Look // Adventure Time - Truffle Shuffle

I need ALL of these jumpers! Each one holds a place in my heart for several reasons. The Elsa jumper actually sings 'Let it go' which won't get on anyones nerves at all *wink wink* and the Adventure Time jumper is super cute just because it is Adventure Time!

Surely its acceptable to buy 6 new Christmas jumpers right? ♥
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