this is halloween, this is halloween

halloween pumpkin
Happy Halloween everybody!
As always I have had my requests in from the nieces and nephews for pumpkin designs. As you read this I will be on my way to Wales to see them so I have been on a mission to carve some pumpkins to take with me. As much as I moan, I actually quite like carving pumpkins. This is after the initial stress of being super picky when drawing it on of course. 

I never really tend to carve a normal pumpkin, they always seem to have a Disney theme to them. When I say Disney, it is normally a Princess and the Princess in question this year is Rapunzel! I found this website which is full of stencils and amazing if you want a Disney pumpkin (I use it every year!) and copied the Rapunzel one. 

I think the idea is to stick the stencil to the pumpkin and carve through it, but this just stresses me out and I end up with paper everywhere so I quickly drew it on instead.

rapunzel sketch pumpkin
I will say if you are going to do this, don’t worry if it goes slightly wrong when sketching you can always edit when carving. This always looks much complicated than it actually is, all you need to do is cut out chunky shapes and tweak them. 
disney tangled rapunzel pumpkin
Ta-dah! I am super impressed with this one and of course Halloween wouldn’t be the same without The Pumpkin King himself…
disney jack skellington pumpkin
It’s a shame Halloween only comes around once a year, I might just start carving random pieces of fruit to get practising for next year! 
I hope you have a safe and spooky time, whatever you end up doing this Halloween! ♥

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