Monday, 19 October 2015

pop in a box - October 2015

I was starting to worry that this month's Pop in a Box wasn't going to come. I think I got a bit too used to it coming by the 5th of the month that when it got to the 10th and I still hadn't received it I started to panic that my Funko goodness was not coming.

Alas, this week my Funko arrived and I received...

pop in a box funko cinderella
cinderella funko pop


She is super pretty, I love the detail of the hair. Although as you may know some paint jobs on Funko's are not too great, so that little detail on the eye is bugging me slightly ha! I do love the sparkle on her shoe and the rest of the detail is perfect though so I will try and brush past that.  

I haven't actually seen this version of Cinderella...shock! My niece always talks to me about it, but I have never actually got around to seeing it. I do really want to see it though, so may have to invest. I know this will sit nicely in my collection, before my niece spots it and nags until I give it to her! ♥
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  1. Ahh, she's gorgeous! I wasn't too impressed by this version of the film, but I can't deny that this Pop is so, so much prettier than the classic Cinderella one! I share your annoyance when a Pop arrives with a bit of a dodgy paint job! x

    Violence & Fashion

    1. Ahhh yeah I prefer this version to classic Cinderella too! :)


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