Friday, 2 October 2015

mac electric cool eye shadow - coil

mac electric cool eyeshadow
mac coil eyeshadow

I picked Coil up when I went to Bicester village a little while ago, but it has been sitting on my side just waiting for a special glitzy occasion for me to bust it out. Not that I usually need a reason for a glitzy eyeshadow but I felt this was slightly too much for sitting in front of a computer screen all day.

mac coil electric coil eyeshadow

In the pan, Coil is a very bright copper, right up my street! The colour is beautiful and it looks almost like metallic velvet. It makes me think of rust, halloween and a full moon  and is perfect for those Autumn looks.
mac coil swatch
mac coil electric cool eyeshadow review

Coil applies a lot more subtle than it looks in the pan and is definitely a lot more wearable than it looks at first glance. It makes a nice addition to a nude smokey eye, as it just creates a bit more oomph. I did think that this would apply a lot brighter, the shade is pleasant, but I wanted it to apply exactly how it looks in the pan. I haven't tried applying it wet yet though, so maybe this will enhance the boldness.

The eyeshadow itself is super soft, so much so that I made a huge dent in it with the brush when I was applying it *sad face* so I am a lot more careful now! In typical MAC style, it lasts such a long time without even budging which I cannot fault at all.

I do wish I hadn't waited so long to use this eyeshadow and have been using it more and more as the autumn nights seem to be rolling in. ♥
Available from MAC and Debenhams.
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