Wednesday, 7 October 2015

mac cremesheen lipstick - speed dial

mac speed dial lipstick
mac speed dial lipstick review

This is another lipstick that I picked up at Duty Free. I refuse to give in to the weather and let seasons dictate my make up, so if I feel like wearing a coral lipstick at Christmas I do! (That's before I have eaten my body weight in Christmas Pudding to even care what my make up looks like). So I picked up this Speed Dial knowing it would still get used throughout Winter.

Being a Cremesheen finish, I knew that I would like this formula. I find this one of the most wearable finishes as it starts off like a tinted balm and then you can make it bolder by applying more layers - very handy as a day/night lippie!
mac speed dial cremesheen lipstick swatch
mac speed dial lipstick

The shade applies a bit lighter than it looks in the bullet, but isn't quite at Saint Germain standard for me so it is still wearable. This is a perfect Barbie colour, but has a bit of a warm tone to it so it isn't so fake looking.

mac speed dial lipstick review

This isn't the usual shade I would go for, as I normally like a bit of a darker or brighter lip but there was just something about it that I really liked. I have been stepping a lot more out of my comfort zone with lips lately, must be something to do with the green hair!

Sorry for the flurry of MAC posts lately, I seem to have got a little obsessed and brought a lot of MAC over the past few months without realising so all of a sudden I have my blogging mojo back and MAC has taken over. sorry (not sorry). ♥

Available from MAC.
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  1. This is so pretty and my perfect pink color. It's now going on my Mac wish list.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  2. This looks like such a gorgeous shade! I've not heard much about Speed Dial but it looks lovely on you x
    Elise @ Peonies in Paris

  3. OOOOh I am getting this one for sure!


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