Saturday, 31 October 2015

this is halloween, this is halloween

halloween pumpkin

Happy Halloween everybody!

As always I have had my requests in from the nieces and nephews for pumpkin designs. As you read this I will be on my way to Wales to see them so I have been on a mission to carve some pumpkins to take with me. As much as I moan, I actually quite like carving pumpkins. This is after the initial stress of being super picky when drawing it on of course. 

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

mac satin lipstick - captive

mac satin lipstick
mac captive lipstick review

I first showed you this lipstick on in my Duty Free haul post and I must say that I have been hooked ever since! I seem to be gravitating towards this kind of shade more and more as the nights draw in. If there has ever been a more perfect Autumn lipstick, it's Captive!

Monday, 26 October 2015

funko time: day of the dead sally

sally funko pop
day of the dead funko pop

For it is plain, as anyone can see. We're simply meant to be.

It wouldn't be Halloween week (yes I have turned it into a week long event!) without me showing you my most 'Halloweeny' Funko Pop! I love The Nightmare Before Christmas and I anything Day of the Dead, so fell in love with this Sally Funko instantly! I picked this up at Collectormania a little while ago as I had never seen anything like her before and really wanted the Jack version too but kept getting put off by the big spider on his head! I think I may cave and get normal Jack/Pumpkin King/Oogie Boogie at some point too though! ♥
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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

things i love about autumn

As much as I enjoy Spring and Summer, there is just something about Autumn that I love. When it comes to it, I think there is something nice to be found in all seasons but as we are well into Autumn, I though I would share with you my favourite bits...


Monday, 19 October 2015

pop in a box - October 2015

I was starting to worry that this month's Pop in a Box wasn't going to come. I think I got a bit too used to it coming by the 5th of the month that when it got to the 10th and I still hadn't received it I started to panic that my Funko goodness was not coming.

Alas, this week my Funko arrived and I received...

pop in a box funko cinderella
cinderella funko pop


She is super pretty, I love the detail of the hair. Although as you may know some paint jobs on Funko's are not too great, so that little detail on the eye is bugging me slightly ha! I do love the sparkle on her shoe and the rest of the detail is perfect though so I will try and brush past that.  

I haven't actually seen this version of Cinderella...shock! My niece always talks to me about it, but I have never actually got around to seeing it. I do really want to see it though, so may have to invest. I know this will sit nicely in my collection, before my niece spots it and nags until I give it to her! ♥
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Sunday, 18 October 2015

black sparkle nails

black glitter sparkly nails

At this time of year, I like to use darker shades on my nails. I don't normally opt for black as I find it too dark, but I love the glitter running through this Barry M polish so thought I would give it a go.

Friday, 16 October 2015

pinterest love: halloween food ideas

As I have got older, I seem to have embraced Halloween a lot more. Don't get me wrong, I am still the biggest scaredy cat going but there is something about a toned down cute version that I love (that probably doesn't count as Halloween to a lot of you though lol!). I have recently got into Pinterest a whole lot more too, I have been signed up for a while but I only really used it to flick through when I had a spare few minutes. Now any time I need a bit of inspiration, Pinterest is my go-to place!

I am away for Halloween this year, as it is my Nephews christening and unfortunately I don't think it will go down to well if I turn up dressed like The Joker, but I'm not going to let that stop me with the Halloween themed posts and am thinking of throwing a mini Halloween party with my nieces before I go, so I can still get in the spirit...get it?!

Now, I am not very creative when it comes to food, but I had to share some of the best bits that I found whilst flicking through. I really want to attempt some of the ideas above. All of them look amazing, but just look at that pizza! ♥
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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

funko time: edward scissorhands

♥ I am not complete. 

I brought this Edward Funko last week after wanting him for ages. I don't know why I wait so long deciding whether to buy Funko's or not as I ultimately buy them anyway! He has so much character and the detail on him is just perfect. Edward Scissorhands is one of my favourite films, I only have to hear the music and I well up! It's such a cute film, but so sad also, you just want to give Edward a cuddle. If you haven't seen it, it is one of Tim Burton's best so you really must! ♥
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Monday, 12 October 2015

essie nail polish - leggy legend

I cannot think of the last time that I brought a nail polish that wasn't a pastel shade. My mum told me about Leggy Legend after she had seen it on telly and I instantly fell in love. This shade is perfect for Autumn/Winter and makes me think of leaves falling off the trees/pumpkins/bonfires/log get the hint!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

sunday make up


It has been ages since I have done one of these types of posts. I am the worst for doing my make up how I like one day and not charging my camera to take photos or setting a day aside to take photos and not being able to get my eyeliner straight etc! I went to dinner at my brothers house today, so thought it was a perfect excuse to have a play. Not that I ever need an excuse..

Friday, 9 October 2015

funko time: marceline

marceline funko pop
funko pop television marceline

♥ Daddy, why did you eat my fries? ♥

Going with the Marceline theme that I seem to have started this week, I thought I would show you the very first Funko Pop that I received. I got this for Christmas and it definitely started off my love of Funko's!

This is one of the cutest Funko Pops around, (defo say this everytime!) but just look at the bite marks on the neck, I do love a bit of attention to detail! This is also one of the hardest to find, I walked around the whole of Collectormania in search and Marceline could not be found anywhere. Alas Santa does make dreams come true and I got her in my stocking. ♥
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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

mac cremesheen lipstick - speed dial

mac speed dial lipstick
mac speed dial lipstick review

This is another lipstick that I picked up at Duty Free. I refuse to give in to the weather and let seasons dictate my make up, so if I feel like wearing a coral lipstick at Christmas I do! (That's before I have eaten my body weight in Christmas Pudding to even care what my make up looks like). So I picked up this Speed Dial knowing it would still get used throughout Winter.


Monday, 5 October 2015

models own treats

models own nail polish

I brought these nail varnishes a little while back, just before I went on holiday. A Models Own Bottleshop has opened up in my local shopping centre and I will be honest I have been avoiding it like the plague. I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but when it comes to nail varnish, once I start I just cannot stop buying them. I decided to have a look around one day and then obviously the inevitable happened and I ended up buying, I did manage to stop at 5 though so it could have been a whole lot worse!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

wishlist: marceline the vampire queen

Now, I absolutely love Adventure Time. You probably already knew this by the cute little Marceline floating on the side of this blog and my social media accounts, but I just thought I would reiterate this fact! Whenever I am feeling low, I just pop an episode on and it instantly cheers me up. I thought I would do a little wishlist of Marceline items as she is the best character and I am a sucker for character themed merch!

I've been a bit naughty as I actually have the Funko but wanted to add it on here anyway as it is way to amazing to miss off! The rest of the items I am completely in love with though especially the cute little necklace.

If you have never seen Adventure Time then you really must, it will brighten up any day! ♥
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Friday, 2 October 2015

mac electric cool eye shadow - coil

mac electric cool eyeshadow
mac coil eyeshadow

I picked Coil up when I went to Bicester village a little while ago, but it has been sitting on my side just waiting for a special glitzy occasion for me to bust it out. Not that I usually need a reason for a glitzy eyeshadow but I felt this was slightly too much for sitting in front of a computer screen all day.
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