Friday, 11 September 2015

mac cinderella collection fluidline - macroviolet

I recently went on a bit of a shopping spree to Bicester village. I have mentioned The Cosmetic Company Store before, but this is my go to place for MAC when I go to Bicester Village. Last time I went, I was so surprised to see this Fluidline from the Cinderella collection just sat there in all of its glory. Yes, yes I know that I'm late to the party, but hey at least I got there eventually! After missing out at the first release, I quickly snapped it up.

I do think the packaging is cute and everything, but I kinda expected more. I just think its a bit too subtle compared to the packaging of some of the other collections previously released. I like in your face Disney so would have loved a bit more of a Princessy/Glass Slipper/Fairy Godmother hint to it but thats just me being fussy!
mac cinderella fluidline macroviolet swatch

The eyeliner itself is one of my favourites, a deep metallic aubergine shade which is perfect for Autumn. Compared to the other Fluidline that I have tried, this is a lot softer on the first stroke and mega easy to layer up. I find that it stays on for ages without budging at all, you can't even rub it off which is good if you don't want smudged eyes (not that I think anyone actually does ha!)

This is the type of shade that will suit everyone and makes a lovely change from black or brown. Even though I was disappointed with the packaging, the product more than made up for it! 

Available from MAC and Debenhams. Normal Packaging though :(
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  1. that colour looks gorgeous! I've kinda been debating on buying any makeup from the Cinderella collection and I guess it would be a good choice since you seem so happy with it! (:


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