Friday, 21 August 2015

mac fluidline - deliciously rich

I had a much needed make up cull at the weekend. This was way overdue, although slightly embarassing when you actually find new make up under the mountain that you haven't actually used yet! This is exactly how I found MAC Deliciously Rich, I remember buying this when I went to Bicester a little while ago, but somehow it ended up at the bottom of the stash never to be seen again/a few months later.

mac fluidline eyeliner gelmac fluidline deliciously richmac fluidline eyeliner gel deliciously rich

I have never tried MAC Fluidline before and usually opt for a pencil when it comes to eyeliner, so was interested to see how I would be with this. I am never too sure how I feel with this kind of packaging as A) Glass scares me as I am stupidly clumsy and B) it always looks like you are getting more than you actually do.

mac fluidline deliciously rich swatchmac fluidline deliciously rich reviewmac fluidline eyeliner deliciously rich blog

I immediately forgot about the packaging when I applied this though. I just love how sparkly this is! The base is mocha with tiny gold glitter pieces scattered throughout. As much as I love in your face Tin Foil like sparkle, there is also something equally as fun with subtle glitter. 

I found application quite stiff to begin with, but once the top layer wore down it is applied like a dream. I layered this up a fair bit on the pictures above, to make it a bit bolder but as it sets super quickly it didn't take too much time to add layers. I wore this all day without it budging at all. Even though it applies creamy, it sets rock solid. The way this smudges, it could easily add double up as an eyeshadow too. 

I seem to use this all of the time now that I have discovered it, it is definitely one of my eyeliner favourites at the min! ♥
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