Wednesday, 19 August 2015

mac amplified creme lipstick - up the amp

I have heard such good things about this lipstick. I actually brought it way back in April, but have been so swept up in this year I haven't managed to pop it on here yet. I seem to sway towards it all of the time at the minute and it is my go to summer shade. 

I find Up the Amp is a nice alternative to nude. Sometimes nude is a but dull for me so I like to add a bit of edge. The colour of this applies as pretty much the same tone as it looks in the bullet which surprised me as they are usually lighter or darker.

Up the Amp is a beautiful pinky lavender lipstick. I actually think it borders on berry, but without being too wintery. It has a bit of a sheen to it, with an almost balm-like finish and I just find it so easy to wear.

As it is an amplified finish the texture is amazing, it glides on the lips without pulling and stays on forever! I have worn this many times on a night out and even after taking my makeup off (as thoroughly as I can whilst trying not to wake everybody up!) there is always traces of it when I get up in the morning, mega staying power!

This is definitely a lipstick that would be on the replace list when the sad day comes that it runs out! ♥
Available from MAC.
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  1. Gorgeous shade, I've just added this to my wishlist :) x

  2. Beautiful, looks amazing on you! xx


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