Wednesday, 26 August 2015

l'oreal super liner superstar eyeliner

I picked up this eyeliner recently as my beloved Blackbuster started to dry up. Rather than just replace it, I felt I needed to try something new. I love the packaging of this, the gold and black makes me think of The Great Gatsby a little! 

l'oreal super liner superstarl'oreal super liner superstar review

l'oreal super liner superstar nib

This is a lot easier to hold than the Blackbuster as it is a lot thinner. My clumsy hands don't seem to drop this one as much anyway! The nib is long and thin, which makes it easier to create a thinner flick but can be tilted on the side to create a thicker line. 
l'oreal superstar super liner swatchl'oreal super liner superstar black uk beauty bloguk beauty blog

This is very black and bold, which I love. You don't need to keep going over it to get full opaqueness, it just happens instantly (great if you're in a rush). The staying power of this is really good too, I kept this on whilst I went on a work trip to London and it didn't budge one bit, which makes 11 hours without being retouched. Considering how well this sets removal is easy too, I never have problems taking this off and I just use a make up wipe (don't shoot me!). ♥
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  1. This sounds like a really awesome eyeliner, so easy to use. I love the packaging as well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. I love the design on the tube! Very art-deco. Is this a UK-only product, do you know?

    Sparklecrack Central

    1. I think it might be :( I've had a little looksie and can only find UK. Hopefully it will be available in the future! :)


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