Monday, 24 August 2015

funko time: x-men beast

I thought I would start to show you a bit more of my Funko collection. I absolutely love the little things and always have to restrain myself from skipping bills to buy more.

Every 6 months-ish there is something called Collectormania that pops up in my town. It's kind of like Comic-Con but on a much smaller scale. I absolutely love walking round the stalls because the Funko's available to buy (and drool over) are amazing and it also helps me add more to my wishlist. The most recent Collectormania was in June, which is exactly where I picked up Beast.

marvel xmen beast funko pop bobble head
xmen beast funko pop vinyl

This is one of my favourite Funko's that I own, lets face it, I love them all, but I fell in love with this
one straightaway and knew I needed to have him. Beast is one of my favourite X-Men characters anyway but there is just something about his little fangs that are so adorable, I also love the fact that he looks slightly like a blue wolverine too! ♥
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