avon nail experts liquid freeze quick dry nail spray

I am always up for a new nail product. When I say new, this has probably been out for ages but I have only just discovered it, so therefore my brain classes it as new. I saw this in the Avon book and thought it would be worth a try as I am the worst for ruining my newly painted nails.
avon nail experts liquid freeze quick dry nail spray

I must admit, I didn’t have too many high hopes for this as it was so cheap. I tested it for a night out last week, I painted my nails virtually as I was going out of the door and sprayed this on top. When I woke up the next day, my nails hadn’t smudged at all so I am very impressed considering I must have knocked them a few times in the car on the way (and I wasn’t even drunk at that point)! I have tested this on both glitter and normal polish and it works just as well on both. The nails feel dry to touch within about 5-10 seconds depending on the thickness of the layer.
My only niggle is how greasy it makes your fingers, I had to wipe the product off before I could do anything as it leaves a really oily residue. I did find that I had to spray this after I painted on the final layer of polish otherwise any additional layers didn’t set. 
I am surprised how well this works considering how cheap it is and would definitely repurchase. ♥

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