Monday, 31 August 2015

revlon nail art sun and moon candy - Celestial Shine + Galactic

I had a huge nail varnish cull a few weeks ago. As much as it pained me to throw some of my favourites away, a good few of them were way beyond saving, so I put my ruthless cap on and got throwing! On a good note, I felt that this obviously meant I had room to replace them now.

First on my hitlist was a few polishes from the Revlon Nail Art Candy range...

revlon sun and moon candy nail art

I have seen this style of nail polish pop up a lot lately. A solid colour on one end and then a complimentary iridescent flakey polish the other. The glitter freak in me instantly fell in love with the sparkly side. I do like the way that the glitters aren't actually mixed in with polishes so you can create different styles.


Friday, 28 August 2015

Whipsnade Zoo

I have definitely blogged about this zoo a good few times before. I am so lucky that I only live half an hour away, so don't have to travel too far for a good day out. The zoo is one of my favourite places to go, I think as I went so much as a child I just get flooded with happy memories. Don't get me wrong the best place for an animal is in the wild, but the work that this zoo and London Zoo do for the conservation of animals is just amazing. So I am more than happy to buy a ticket here knowing that it is being put back into a good place and I am contributing to helping wildlife (even if just a tiny bit). 

As it was my mum's birthday, we decided to take my nieces out for the day. I think she just wanted to go herself but used my nieces as an excuse! Here are some of my favourite pictures from the day...

cheetah whipsnade


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

l'oreal super liner superstar eyeliner

I picked up this eyeliner recently as my beloved Blackbuster started to dry up. Rather than just replace it, I felt I needed to try something new. I love the packaging of this, the gold and black makes me think of The Great Gatsby a little! 

l'oreal super liner superstarl'oreal super liner superstar review

Monday, 24 August 2015

funko time: x-men beast

I thought I would start to show you a bit more of my Funko collection. I absolutely love the little things and always have to restrain myself from skipping bills to buy more.

Every 6 months-ish there is something called Collectormania that pops up in my town. It's kind of like Comic-Con but on a much smaller scale. I absolutely love walking round the stalls because the Funko's available to buy (and drool over) are amazing and it also helps me add more to my wishlist. The most recent Collectormania was in June, which is exactly where I picked up Beast.

marvel xmen beast funko pop bobble head
xmen beast funko pop vinyl

This is one of my favourite Funko's that I own, lets face it, I love them all, but I fell in love with this
one straightaway and knew I needed to have him. Beast is one of my favourite X-Men characters anyway but there is just something about his little fangs that are so adorable, I also love the fact that he looks slightly like a blue wolverine too! ♥
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Friday, 21 August 2015

mac fluidline - deliciously rich

I had a much needed make up cull at the weekend. This was way overdue, although slightly embarassing when you actually find new make up under the mountain that you haven't actually used yet! This is exactly how I found MAC Deliciously Rich, I remember buying this when I went to Bicester a little while ago, but somehow it ended up at the bottom of the stash never to be seen again/a few months later.

mac fluidline eyeliner gelmac fluidline deliciously richmac fluidline eyeliner gel deliciously rich

I have never tried MAC Fluidline before and usually opt for a pencil when it comes to eyeliner, so was interested to see how I would be with this. I am never too sure how I feel with this kind of packaging as A) Glass scares me as I am stupidly clumsy and B) it always looks like you are getting more than you actually do.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

mac amplified creme lipstick - up the amp

I have heard such good things about this lipstick. I actually brought it way back in April, but have been so swept up in this year I haven't managed to pop it on here yet. I seem to sway towards it all of the time at the minute and it is my go to summer shade. 

I find Up the Amp is a nice alternative to nude. Sometimes nude is a but dull for me so I like to add a bit of edge. The colour of this applies as pretty much the same tone as it looks in the bullet which surprised me as they are usually lighter or darker.

Up the Amp is a beautiful pinky lavender lipstick. I actually think it borders on berry, but without being too wintery. It has a bit of a sheen to it, with an almost balm-like finish and I just find it so easy to wear.

As it is an amplified finish the texture is amazing, it glides on the lips without pulling and stays on forever! I have worn this many times on a night out and even after taking my makeup off (as thoroughly as I can whilst trying not to wake everybody up!) there is always traces of it when I get up in the morning, mega staying power!

This is definitely a lipstick that would be on the replace list when the sad day comes that it runs out! ♥
Available from MAC.
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Monday, 17 August 2015

avon nail experts liquid freeze quick dry nail spray

I am always up for a new nail product. When I say new, this has probably been out for ages but I have only just discovered it, so therefore my brain classes it as new. I saw this in the Avon book and thought it would be worth a try as I am the worst for ruining my newly painted nails.

avon nail experts liquid freeze quick dry nail spray

I must admit, I didn't have too many high hopes for this as it was so cheap. I tested it for a night out last week, I painted my nails virtually as I was going out of the door and sprayed this on top. When I woke up the next day, my nails hadn't smudged at all so I am very impressed considering I must have knocked them a few times in the car on the way (and I wasn't even drunk at that point)! I have tested this on both glitter and normal polish and it works just as well on both. The nails feel dry to touch within about 5-10 seconds depending on the thickness of the layer.

My only niggle is how greasy it makes your fingers, I had to wipe the product off before I could do anything as it leaves a really oily residue. I did find that I had to spray this after I painted on the final layer of polish otherwise any additional layers didn't set. 

I am surprised how well this works considering how cheap it is and would definitely repurchase. ♥
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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

l'oreal la palette nude by color riche

I cannot go on an airplane without buying something from the inflight services. There is something about that little trolley full of goodies that I can't resist.

Coming back from Kefalonia was no different, as much as I could have brought a heap of perfumes and beauty items, in the end I just settled for this lovely palette.

l'oreal la palette nude

I got this onboard for £10 which is a bargain for the amount of shades that you get. Although the packaging says travel exclusive, I have definitely seen it in Boots so it is easy to pick up here too.

l'oreal la palette nude rose eyeshadowl'oreal la palette nude review

The palette itself contains a mixture of pink and rose themed shades. It reminds me a bit of the naked palette with the selection of shades but none of them are as gold toned so there is no fear of doubling up. The palette has a nice mixture of matte, nude and shimmer shades, I just wish they had names.
loreal la palette nude by color richeloreal la palette nude swatches

Pinky silver (Shimmer) / Rose Pink (Shimmer) / Dusky Pink (Matte) / Salmon Pink (Matte) / Pinky Gold (Shimmer)

loreal color riche nude paletteloreal nude palette rose swatches

Bronze Mocha (Shimmer) / Taupe (Matte) / Silver Brown (Shimmer) / Mocha (Matte) / Rose Plum (Shimmer)

I like the size of this palette, as it is nice and compact it is perfect for travelling (probably why they sell it on an airplane LOL) I really like this set and can tell this is going to be well used. All of the shades are so blendable with each other and can create a perfect smokey eye that lasts for hours without fading. ♥
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Sunday, 9 August 2015

pop in a box - august 2015

For anyone that doesn't know, I absolutely love Funko Pops. You may have noticed as they always crop up on my Instagram! They are just so, so cute and I have decided me and Lewis will have a Funko room once we move out! I have to admit my collection isn't huge compared to others but is growing nice and steadily. As part of my new blog 'refresh' I decided that I want to branch out a bit more and show you some of my other loves, starting with Funko's....

A couple of months ago when I needed a bit of cheering up, I signed up to Pop In A Box, a monthly subscription service in which you get sent 1,2,3...surprise Funko pops depending on how many you want. I opted for 1 a month so that I don't run out of space too quickly as I could have easily selected 5!

Once signed up, there is a thumbs up/down system that you work through. Any Funko's you thumbs down you will never get and any you thumbs up you may receive. AMAZING! There is quite a big selection and I recommend working through the whole list once you have joined as you may miss a couple out and end up getting one of those (like me the first time round...)

This month I got one of my favourite Funko's yet...

thor marvel funko pop vinylthor funko pop

 THOR!! :D

Seriously he is the cutest thing and has been on my wish list for a while! Just look at this little face...

I find this one of the most exciting subscription boxes and actually found it by accident after searching for a specific Funko online. I love the little butterflies I get as I open up to see what is inside (such a child!). Lewis thinks I should film my reaction when I open them, but I don't think I am quite ready for that yet! If you love Funko's like me and enjoy a surprise, this box is so worth getting!

You may also have noticed, I have added a little geek tab to the side of the blog where you will be able to find more Funko/Nerdy goodness. Enjoy!
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Thursday, 6 August 2015

estée lauder sumptuous infinite daring length + volume mascara

Estée Lauder mascara reviewEstée Lauder sumptuous infinite mascara review

I think I have said before, but my mum swears by Estée Lauder. If there is one thing she will never change, it is her mascara. She will flit between different types but they will always be the same brand. She has recently been raving about the Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length + Volume Mascara, so I thought I would see what all of the fuss is about...

Estée Lauder sumptuous infinite daring length mascara swatch

I really do like this mascara. It provides just the right amount of length and volume and could easily be built up further if needed, the above picture is 2 coats. I haven't really been wearing it with any other make up at the minute, I would say this is deliberate but I have been snoozing my alarm almost everyday, whoops! I have found that it creates enough pop to make the eyes look a bit more awake, thankfully!

This mascara dries super quickly and isn't too gloopy at all, so good to apply if you are in a rush (as I seem to be every morning!) without fear of smudging. I have found that I can wear this all day and not worry about it wearing off. I can definitely see why my mum is impressed.

I don't normally go for high end mascara, but if I just close my eyes and pay this seriously could change my mind. ♥

Available from Boots and Debenhams
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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

nails inc 3d glitter polish - hammersmith

I have noticed ever since having turquoise hair that I end up with blue nails even if I don't want them that way. Any colour I use ends up with a blue hue to it, so I decided to bite the bullet and just paint them blue in the hope they may last longer!

nails inc hammersmith swatch
nails inc hammersmith

I currently have Nails Inc. Hammersmith on my nails and just wanted to show you how sparkly it is! This was one of the varnishes that I picked up for for a nice £2.50 from House of Fraser in May but have never really used it. 

I love the way that its still a bit of a subtle glitter with flecks of silver and pastel blue. Not too sure how I feel about having to take it off though!
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