Kefalonia, Greece

If you follow me on any social media you will know that I have just returned from my holibobs. I don’t think me and Lewis could have picked a more perfect time for a holiday as we were both starting to crack with the horribleness that this year was throwing at us. We picked Kefalonia as Lewis had never been and I went over 10 years ago so couldn’t really remember too much.

The views that this island have are absolutely stunning. It really is one of the most unspoilt places that I have ever been to. The only trouble that we had were with the insects, I have never seen so many wasps in my life. When you flap around as much as we do if a bug comes near you, you end up looking a bit silly. We got used to the funny looks in the end though!
There are so many hidden beaches and caves in Kefalonia, you only have to walk around a corner and  you stumble across a little cove. I didn’t make it down to the secluded beaches, I started to feel really claustrophobic the further down I went so didn’t make it the full way down much to Lewis’ amusement.
kefalonia turtle
Seeing a turtle was definitely a highlight of my holiday. I absolutely love turtles and to see one swimming in the wild was just breathtaking! I squealed with excitement and had a beaming smile on my face for ages!

kefalonia sunset

Kefalonia was a bit too peaceful for us, beautiful but very quiet. Not that we are into raving holiday’s but I like a tiny bit more atmosphere. Although I am glad we picked here as it gave us the silence and relaxation that we probably wouldn’t have got if we picked somewhere else.

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