urban decay black magic eyeliner set

urban decay black magic eyeliner set
I got this eyeliner set back when I shared my haul post in April, but it has quickly become part of my everyday routine, that I actually forgot that I hadn’t posted about it on here, whoopsie! There are 8 eyeliners included and they are all Urban Decays 24/7 formula which from previous experience is amazing. Looking at the set, I did wonder at first why it was called ‘Black Magic’ as all of the liners are not black, but then I suppose a box of 8 black liners would be a bit boring.
Each of the eyeliners are double ended, on the first end you get…
urban decay black magic review

urban decay black magic swatch

Black Velvet
A very, very bold black almost like Charcoal. I have found that you really have to get it going before the colour comes out smoothly otherwise it starts to crumble slightly like you can see in the picture. 
Black Market 
This reminds me of a watered down black, not quite grey but isn’t as bold as Black Velvet. I use this one when I need to more muted eye.
This is one of my favourites, the liner is blue/black with navy glitter pieces in that really catch the light. Although I do find it a bit on the messier side, so I don’t always get the most accurate flick and you can tell by the heart swatch being huge compared to the others.
This is my staple black that I always go back to with Urban Decay, it is perfect for any look and super soft. 
urban decay black magic eyeliner reviewurban decay black magic eyeliner swatch
And on the opposite end is…

This is a lovely grey shade. The liner itself is extremely soft, very accurate and so easy to create a smokey eye with. I use this one daily.

This is a lovely aubergine shade which makes a nice alternative to black, when you fancy a subtle pop of colour. This shade is always being stolen by my mum.

The darkest, silkiest eyeliner of them all. I use this all of the time when I fancy a bold cat eye as it is so opaque in just one flick. It’s like drawing with a marker pen.

I love a brown eyeliner and this shade is perfect. I used to use Bourbon all of the time before I wore black eyeliners and this is a very similar alternative.

This set has absolutely everything in and makes me wonder how I survived without it. There is something for every look and it is definitely a staple item for me now. I haven’t even gone anywhere near my other liners since I have had this.

I managed to pick this up for £10 in Debenhams, so it may be worth having a bit of a hunt around if this is your kind of thing. ♥

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    • August 4, 2015 / 7:55 pm

      It breaks up the black a bit, definitely 🙂

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