Monday, 4 May 2015

bargain alert: nails inc at house of fraser

My love for Nails inc. is well documented on this little blog, so when I popped into House of Fraser yesterday and spotted a clearance corner of Nails inc. shades for £2.50 each it's safe to say I got a little excited! Naturally, I couldn't resist buying a few shades, especially as there was still a pretty good selection to choose from. After getting over my initial excitment, I managed to pick up: Devonshire Row, Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill Carnival, Haymarket and Hammersmith which are perfect spring/summer shades!

nails inc bargain
nails inc

Now I am gathering the discount is because the shades are a bit of an older selection and that the packaging has changed to the new square type bottles, but that kind of thing really doesn't bother me at all! I have looked online and the discount is not on the House of Fraser website, but I am thinking if you live local to a store it may be worth popping in to see which bargain shades you can pick up!

Sorry for the lack of swatches, I just wanted to share this discovery as soon as I could as I'm not too sure how long this offer is on for!

Have you picked up any Nails inc. shades for £2.50 yet? ♥
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  1. I've seen these, they look amazing and they have the most gorgeous taupe shade!

    1. I saw that shade too. You can't go wrong with a taupe perfect for everyday nails.


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