Tuesday, 7 April 2015

MAC + urban decay haul

My name is Emily and I have a serious addiction to make up. After taking the photos for this post, I have realised how much make up I brought recently and feel like I need to join some sort of Makeup Anonymous support group. I mentioned a few posts ago that I went on a little shopping spree with my Christmas voucher's and thought I would do a little haul to show you what I picked up. I picked a good day to go shopping, as I went whilst Debenham's had their 10% off beauty days so got more for my money! 

Here is what I got:

mac 5 alarm lipstick
MAC '5 Alarm' lipstick
This is part of the MAC Red collection and I instantly fell in love, you can never have too many reds!

mac breathe of plum blucher

MAC 'Breathe of Plum' blusher
This is a nice winter/spring transitional colour.

mac coral look in a box
MAC 'All about Coral' look in a box
I brought this from Bicester Village when I went and was so excited as I have never seen anything like this before. I'm sure it only cost me around £20 too!

mac peachykeen blusher

MAC 'peachykeen' blusher
I love this shade, it is perfect for spring and gives a really nice glow!

mac up the amp lipstick
MAC 'Up The Amp' lipstick
I love this as a bit of an alternative to nude.

mac sea worship eyeshadow

MAC 'Sea Worship' eyeshadow 
I also brought this from Bicester and talk all about it in my post here.

urban decay black magic eyeliner set
Urban Decay 'Black Magic' eyeliner set 
This set was such a bargain, it was in the sale and only cost me about £10. Urban Decay eyeliners are seriously amazing, so I was chuffed to spot this!

urban decay naked on the run palette
Urban Decay 'Naked on the Run' palette
This set has everything I would ever need and will definitely be coming away on holiday with me.

urban decay zodiac eyeshadow
Urban Decay 'Zodiac' eyeshadow 
I fell in love with the sparkle of this completely and now it matches my hair which is a complete bonus!

urban decay cosmic eyeshadow
Urban Decay 'Cosmic' eyeshadow
I love the shimmer in this eyeshadow and have swatched it over here.

urban decay noise eyeliner
Urban Decay 'Noise' eyeliner
This was actually in a bargain bin in Debenhams, so it would be rude not to pick it up.

Phew! See what I mean, this post has felt like some sort of confession ha but I would say at least 85% was brought with vouchers so I don't feel so bad! 

Everything here was either purchased from Debenham's or Bicester village and will all have a full review up soon (if it isn't on here already)!

Have you splurged on make up lately? ♥
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  1. Ooh lovely purchases! Peachykeen looks so beautiful <3

    1. Thank you, it is perfect for Spring! :)

  2. These all look lovely and a fun haul. Those lipsticks are so pretty too.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |


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