Tuesday, 28 April 2015

l'oreal color riche nails - scarlet tinsel

Sometimes a glittery pick me up is needed in life! I was feeling a bit on the dull side, so thought I would jazz myself up with a bit of a midweek glittery nail session..rebel! I chose Scarlet Tinsel by L'Oreal when looking at my box of nail goodies, as it glistened the most.

l'oreal color riche scarlet tinsell'oreal color riche scarlet tinsel nail swatchAvailable from Boots.

I love the sparkle that this nail varnish has to it, it's glittery but isn't too in your face. It catches the light, but in a more subtle way than a holographic glitter. I think because the shade is quite a dark fuchsia it creates a bit more depth.

I do find it a bit rough to touch though, even with a top coat on I managed to ladder a pair of tights putting them on this morning! Saying that, I am that clumsy I probably would have found another way of laddering tights as I seem to be a world champion at it anyway.

This definitely makes me feel a little less dull and is perfect for days when a bit of sparkle is needed.
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  1. I love a little glitter in my life and this shade is so pretty!

    1. Haha yep! You can't go wrong with a bit of glitter :)

  2. Lovely colour - but I've always found glitter nail polishes so tricky to reply and rough afterwards. I try to use them when Christmas comes along though as a festive thing :)


    1. I find you definitely have to work yourself up to the removal process! Christmas is the perfect time for glitter too! :)


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