Tuesday, 28 April 2015

l'oreal color riche nails - scarlet tinsel

Sometimes a glittery pick me up is needed in life! I was feeling a bit on the dull side, so thought I would jazz myself up with a bit of a midweek glittery nail session..rebel! I chose Scarlet Tinsel by L'Oreal when looking at my box of nail goodies, as it glistened the most.

l'oreal color riche scarlet tinsell'oreal color riche scarlet tinsel nail swatchAvailable from Boots.

I love the sparkle that this nail varnish has to it, it's glittery but isn't too in your face. It catches the light, but in a more subtle way than a holographic glitter. I think because the shade is quite a dark fuchsia it creates a bit more depth.

I do find it a bit rough to touch though, even with a top coat on I managed to ladder a pair of tights putting them on this morning! Saying that, I am that clumsy I probably would have found another way of laddering tights as I seem to be a world champion at it anyway.

This definitely makes me feel a little less dull and is perfect for days when a bit of sparkle is needed.
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Monday, 27 April 2015

MAC powder blush - peachykeen

I very rarely buy blushers, whenever I go make up shopping it is usually a lipstick or an eye product that I leave with. I kind of get stuck in old habits when it comes to blushes and when I find a shade I like, I usually just end up sticking with it. As spring usually means new make up for me (any excuse!) I decided to get a lighter more shimmery blush to take me through to summer.

mac peachykeen reviewmac peachykeen swatch

I don't know why, but I find buying blushers really hard. Swatches look completely different and I just have trouble knowing how it is supposed to look. Let's face it, I am already one step closer to looking like The Joker with green hair, I probably shouldn't take it any further in terms of make up! In the end, I usually pick a shade that I just like the look of. I know, worst blush buyer ever!
mac peachykeen blush swatch
Available from MAC and Debenhams.

I ended up choosing Peachykeen after staring blankly at the blush section for ages with my mum losing the will to live behind me. The blush itself is a lovely pastel peach shade with a slight pale gold shimmer running throughout. You only need the tiniest amount before it looks a bit OTT but is perfect for that everyday glow that I was looking for. 

If anybody has any tips on choosing the right shade, please let me know! ♥
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Monday, 20 April 2015

urban decay moondust eyeshadow - zodiac

Fresh from the haul post that I shared before, I thought I would show you the second Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow that I purchased. The first can be found here. After opting for the lightest shade there with Cosmic, I then picked the darkest with Zodiac. Typical me, one extreme to the other!

urban decay moondust zodiac eyeshadowurban decay moondust zodiac

There is something about the lighting at make up counters, they stand out so much that I just get drawn in and I want to buy everything. These eyeshadows glisten just like fairy dust and you know me when it comes to glitter, hooked!
urban decay zodiac eyeshadow swatchurban decay zodiac eyeshadow review

Zodiac is a lovely khaki green shade which has amazing glitter particles. Sometimes this looks grey, sometimes brown, sometimes green it's one of those shadows that is perfect for a smokey eye. I found this applies a lot better with a wet brush as the glitter seems to stick to the eyelid more and doesn't have so much fallout. Although it is nice and buildable if applied dry too. I am so impressed with the lasting time of these, they do not budge or crease at all! 

I will definitely be returning for a few more colours when I can! Have you tried anything from the Moondust range? ♥
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Friday, 17 April 2015

quit slackin'

motivation quote

This quote is so me at the moment. I have had the week off from work which has been lovely, but I have been a bit lazy and done absolutely nothing (as you can probably tell by the lack of blogging!). In a way it has been lovely to slob out and watch Daredevil on Netflix (which is amazing btw) and occasionally leave the house, but now I actually feel more tired than I did before I was off! So starting from now, I am aiming to get more motivated! ♥
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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

MAC + urban decay haul

My name is Emily and I have a serious addiction to make up. After taking the photos for this post, I have realised how much make up I brought recently and feel like I need to join some sort of Makeup Anonymous support group. I mentioned a few posts ago that I went on a little shopping spree with my Christmas voucher's and thought I would do a little haul to show you what I picked up. I picked a good day to go shopping, as I went whilst Debenham's had their 10% off beauty days so got more for my money! 

Here is what I got:

mac 5 alarm lipstick
MAC '5 Alarm' lipstick
This is part of the MAC Red collection and I instantly fell in love, you can never have too many reds!

mac breathe of plum blucher

MAC 'Breathe of Plum' blusher
This is a nice winter/spring transitional colour.

mac coral look in a box
MAC 'All about Coral' look in a box
I brought this from Bicester Village when I went and was so excited as I have never seen anything like this before. I'm sure it only cost me around £20 too!

mac peachykeen blusher

MAC 'peachykeen' blusher
I love this shade, it is perfect for spring and gives a really nice glow!

mac up the amp lipstick
MAC 'Up The Amp' lipstick
I love this as a bit of an alternative to nude.

mac sea worship eyeshadow

MAC 'Sea Worship' eyeshadow 
I also brought this from Bicester and talk all about it in my post here.

urban decay black magic eyeliner set
Urban Decay 'Black Magic' eyeliner set 
This set was such a bargain, it was in the sale and only cost me about £10. Urban Decay eyeliners are seriously amazing, so I was chuffed to spot this!

urban decay naked on the run palette
Urban Decay 'Naked on the Run' palette
This set has everything I would ever need and will definitely be coming away on holiday with me.

urban decay zodiac eyeshadow
Urban Decay 'Zodiac' eyeshadow 
I fell in love with the sparkle of this completely and now it matches my hair which is a complete bonus!

urban decay cosmic eyeshadow
Urban Decay 'Cosmic' eyeshadow
I love the shimmer in this eyeshadow and have swatched it over here.

urban decay noise eyeliner
Urban Decay 'Noise' eyeliner
This was actually in a bargain bin in Debenhams, so it would be rude not to pick it up.

Phew! See what I mean, this post has felt like some sort of confession ha but I would say at least 85% was brought with vouchers so I don't feel so bad! 

Everything here was either purchased from Debenham's or Bicester village and will all have a full review up soon (if it isn't on here already)!

Have you splurged on make up lately? ♥
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Friday, 3 April 2015

MAC extra dimension eyeshadow - sea worship

A few weeks ago I went to Bicester Village and went a bit mad in The Cosmetics Company Store. I used to walk straight past this shop before, but now I have discovered it, it is my go to shop in Bicester. If you don't know this store sells discounted MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique and Estée Lauder products and I managed to pick up a few little bargains. One of the bits I picked up was this lovely eyeshadow.

mac alluring aquatics collectionmac extra dimension eyeshadow sea worship

I wanted to try The Alluring Aquatic Collection when it first came out, but was never quick enough to snap anything up. I saw Sea Worship and grabbed it straightaway, with a gleeful look on my face.
mac sea worship swatchmac alluring aquatics sea worship

Sea Worship is a lovely muted gold shade, which has nice antique tones to it. Even though it is a powder, it is so pigmented that it looks like a liquid which I love. The packaging of this is the best too, the colour is beautiful (matched my hair, whoop!) and has the effect of water drops on it to match the aquatic theme. I am a bit of a consumers dream when it comes to quirky packaging.

This is perfect for everyday wear and has quickly become one of my daily eyeshadows. It lasts all day and doesn't crease either. 

If you live near Bicester, this shop is definitely worth checking out. This shop is always stocked up with older MAC collections that always seem to sell out elsewhere.
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