bournemouth baby!

So earlier today I got back from a fab weekend away in Bournemouth. It was my work friends birthday so all of the work guys and gals took a trip to the seaside to celebrate. I have never been to Bournemouth before but I seriously loved it. We managed to fit lots into the day and although I feel so drained now it was totally worth the laughs. It’s nothing 400 cups of tea won’t fix anyway. I didn’t end up taking that many photos, but thought I would show you a few of what I did snap…
Pictures like this always make me wish I lived close to the sea.
View from the pier.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…
These rocks kept making me think of Jurassic Park.
No trip to the seaside is complete without Fish and Chips!

Harry Ramsden’s of course.
I do love the seaside, it’s one of my favourite places to go. Just the whole atmosphere is completely different to a city. Although I was a bit gutted the 2P machines didn’t have any prizes to win here, simple things eh! 
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend too. ♥

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