mac in extreme dimension 3D black lash mascara

mac extreme dimension 3d black lash mascaramac 3d extreme dimension mascaramac 3d mascara reviewmac extreme dimension mascara review

I received this mascara for Christmas, from the lovely Santa (my Mum) after I mentioned that I had never tried a MAC mascara before. Like most other Beauty Bloggers, I do love a bit of MAC, I’ve mentioned before how I can never walk past without a cheeky little purchase (normally a lipstick), so I was really excited to test this baby out.

MAC claim that this mascara ‘adds volume, extends length and creates curl‘ so I was excited to see if it did…

mac 3d mascara swatch
Available from MAC and Debenhams.

Lets start with the good. I found that this was perfect for adding length, my lashes really did improve length-wise but other than that I am really disappointed. This didn’t really add any volume or curl at all and it clumped my lashes together A LOT! The wand picks up way too much mascara and even after wiping some product off I had to separate my lashes afterwards which defeats the object a little bit. The pictures above are the third attempt at declumping, sad times!

The wand was a bit hard to use because it is so straight, I couldn’t really get any movement at all and I found some of the lashes were completely missed when applying. I find them so much easier when there is a bit of a curve to the brush, but that’s just what I am used to I suppose.

Now I know I can be a fussy little madam when it comes to mascaras, but I have really tried to love this and I just can’t. Probably because it is MAC I expected it to be amazing, but I think I will just brush past this little blip in my MAC love and just stick to my trustworthy L’Oreal mascara’s instead. ♥

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