benefit they're real! push-up eyeliner

This one was a bit of an impulse buy for me, my card decided not to work and I had to buy an item to test it out once it was fixed. Obviously, I went for some new make up as I couldn’t think of anything else to get..ha! I ended up chosing Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner as I do love a good eyeliner and have been meaning to try this one out for ages as I have heard nothing but good things about it.
benefit theyre real eyeliner
benefit theyre real eyeliner reviewbenefit theyre real eyeliner swatch
The packaging is typical Benefit, bold and eye-catching but not too bulky either. Within the set you get a little how-to guide which is really handy if you get a bit stuck with eyeliner flicks and thicknesses.
This pen itself is really easy to hold and not too thick like some of the others I have tried before. To start you have to twist the end a fair few times until the black gel starts to come out of the end of the nib. I’m not the most patient person when it comes to things like that, so as nothing was happening I twisted a bit too much and it oozed out a little bit, whoops.
Once I actually got the flow going, I found it pretty simple to apply. The nib is flexible, so bended with the tilt of my hand. The only thing I did struggle with was creating a flick at the end. Because of the shape of the nib, one side looks perfect but the other seems to look thicker so it does take a bit of practise to get a precise flick. I think if you are used to applying gel with a brush after a few attempts you will get it!
The consistency of the gel is quite fluid, slightly thicker than a liquid but not as hard as a crayon. It feels a bit waxy if I’m honest, but in a good way. I do find that this dries super quickly so needs to be applied and blended as soon as possible. I was slightly worried how easy this would be to remove as I find the mascara version of this, really hard to get off. Surprisingly, this comes off like a dream which is definitely what you want when you return from a club at a stupid hour in the morning and need to get your make up off (That’s another story though!).
uk beauty blogbenefit eyeliner review swatch
Available from Benefit and Boots.
I must admit this is a pretty fullproof way of applying eyeliner. After using this a few times, it has now worked its way into my everyday routine! You can safely say i’m in love. ♥

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      It really is! 🙂

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