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nails inc exhibition roadnails inc exhibition road swatch review
available from nails inc & Debenhams
Nothing says Christmas quite like a glitter nail polish. I was feeling a bit festive whilst I was out shopping (when do I not feel festive) and discovered this little beauty. Please excuse the length of my nails in the photo, I had a bit of a breakage spree so they all ended up snapping within days of each other.
I haven’t brought a new nail polish in forever, I was actually beginning to forget what the nails inc counter looked like! But after what felt like forever deciding, I finally caved and brought Exhibition Road. This polish is a mixture of large lilac and gold pieces of glitter in a clear base. I prefer an intense glitter hit, so used 3 layers for boldness but could easily have used 1 coat layered over a different colour too. The finished effect looks a lot like mermaid scales layered like this, as the pieces are bigger they tend to fall over each other really nicely. The colours are really nice together too, it’s not until you look closely that you can see the tint of purple but it is still neutral enough to go with everything.
My only niggle is that this really doesn’t last a long time at all! I have tried a variation of top coats and base coats and the maximum it has lasted on me is 2 days before it started to peel off in one go. So if anybody has any ideas on making this last longer, please share! ♥

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