five things I have loved this week.. #12

I really don’t know why I have found it so hard to find time to blog lately. I find myself getting home from work, sitting at the computer and just staring with a blank mind. I am so not used to working with computers all day, so I have a feeling it must be that! I think that may take a bit of getting used to but hopefully I can power through it and get back into a routine.

I keep seeming to miss this post, but here is five things that I have found myself loving this week..

I was playing with my niece and her dolls house this week, when the cat decided it was his turn to join in. I found it hilarious but she was less than impressed that he was ruining her game.
I have spent the weekend helping to clear out my nan’s house as she has had to move into a home. The whole process has been filled with so many mixed emotions but I have had the chance to rediscover a whole new world of photographs which made me smile a lot.
This is my mum’s new favourite Yankee Candle scent and gosh does it make me think of Christmas. I absolutely love it and if you are looking for a festive winter smell this is definitely it.
Forget the John Lewis advert. When this came on the TV during X Factor on Saturday, I let out a little scream. Christmas is most definitely on its way now!
I found this app on my phone and have been addicted to it ever since. You create your own android robot, by changing all different features and making it look like you or anybody you want really. Simple but addictive.
I hope you enjoyed my five loves this week. Also it’s 46 sleeps until Christmas, how exciting! ♥

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