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I was recently contacted by Currys asking me to write a post explaining my favourite movie soundtrack. I never thought a post could be so hard. I love so many songs from different films but I just couldn’t narrow it down to one soundtrack. I was toying with the idea of the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack for ages, especially as this is the time of year that I tend to watch it a lot. But when I remembered this gem, that had to move to a close second. I then realised that my favourite movie soundtrack definitely has to be Singin’ in the Rain.
I probably know the whole film off by heart. It brings back so many memories for me, spending countless afternoon’s watching with my Gramps singing or whistling along depending how he felt at the time. The film always takes me back to when I was little and didn’t have a care in the world and even now I can snuggle on the sofa and just have a good old singalong.

Even my little nieces know the words to ‘Good Morning’. It is one of the most iconic songs apart from the main one of course and I don’t think it can start without a member of my family (usually me) giving it their all at the tops of their voices. I must say this started my love of tap dancing too, although I never learnt nothing stops me trying to tap along…terribly!

I only have to hear the ‘dooby doo’ as the song starts and I am in tears. Happy but sad tears, happy for the memories but also sad as it reminds me of my Gramps who is no longer here. Seriously you should have seen me at the theatre when I saw this with my mum. Thank god for waterproof mascara is all I can say! The song does still bring a huge smile to my face though, no matter how many times I have watched it, which is why it has to be my favourite soundtrack! 
♥ This is my entry for the #CurrysMovieNight competition. It is completely written by me and all opinions are my own 🙂 If you want to enter this competition you have to be quick as it ends Sunday. All you need to do is write a post about your favourite movie soundtrack and tweet @CurrysPCWorld with the hashtag #CurrysMovieNight and your post. All of the details that you need can be found here too. Leave me a  link in my comments if you enter as I would love to know your favourite soundtracks too. Good Luck! ♥ GFC ♥ RSS ♥ bloglovin ♥ facebook ♥ twitter ♥       


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