five things I have loved this week.. #10

Hello! You may have noticed that I completely missed this post last week, sorry about that! I had to do stocktake at work and ending up staying until midnight, then I just haven’t seemed to be able to catch up all week. I’m back now though with a few things that have made me happy!

This news definitely made me happy this week. I have been offered a new job, which I am so excited to start. I get weekends off which is something I have never had before and am heading more into a direction of something that I want to do. I think this is something that will work better for this blog too, as I can get a bit of structure back and hopefully post more too! I am really gutted to be leaving where I am now, but I like to think change is good!

Obviously getting a new job needs celebrating and to me there is no better way to celebrate than by going out for cocktails! I had such a good night and was definitely what the doctor ordered!

As you know my Mum and Dad have been away on holiday. As much as I have tried to cook like my Ma, there is nothing like her cooking, so when they came back this week I couldn’t wait for one of her dinners. This Shepard’s Pie was beautiful and put a huge smile on my face!

I have been loving this song lately. It makes me think of summer and I can’t help singing and dancing along!

I came home to this little festive treat when I finished work this week. I won’t say too much as I am going to feature it on the blog very soon, but being the biggest christmas lover ever, this really made me happy!

I hope you have all had a lovely week too, what have you been up to? 
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