London Zoo

Last Saturday me and Lew spent the day in London, well when I say London we mainly went to London Zoo then had a wonder around some shops too. Going to the zoo is one of my favourite things to do! I love animals and literally end up memorised by them and how beautiful they are. I managed to take a billion photos, but have narrowed it down to a few to show you!
This little guy was wondering around Regent’s Park, I can’t believe how tame the squirrels are there.
This sign made me laugh, but is so true!
I love this, it looks like they’re kissing! 🙂

The weather was so funny, one minute it chucked it down the next it was brilliant sunshine. The animals seemed to know this and a lot of them seemed to hide away in their shelters so I would love to go back on a sunnier day when they are out and about a bit more.
We had such a lovely day and managed to get the zoo tickets BOGOF as we went by train so it didn’t work out too expensive. Here is the link we used, incase you are looking to go by train too! 🙂 ♥ GFC ♥ RSS ♥ bloglovin ♥ facebook ♥ twitter ♥       


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