Sunday, 28 September 2014

five things I have loved this week.. #9

Hello lovelies, I hope you have all had a great week! Mine has been good, not very beauty related though. My face is still sore so I haven't been able to try out a lot of new make up, although I do have a few reviews ready to come up soon as it is getting better! Here are a few non beauty bits that have made my happy though. 

I found getting cases for my phone is virtually impossible, unless I want to pay a ridiculous amount of money so my mum came up with the idea of making them myself. I made this one for her and don't think its too shabby for a first attempt!

My parents are on holiday so I have been watching a stupid amount of telly when not working to combat loneliness when the fiancé is at work too. Something that has had me hooked this week is Emmerdale, if you watch it then you will know exactly what I am talking about and if you don't you should definitely catch up on last weeks!

Me and the Mr had a bit of a cooking competition this week. Now I am no Gordon Ramsey at all, in fact if I had to fend for myself I would be useless. Two weeks is enough for mum and dad to be away until I start wasting away, but I must admit I have tried really hard. I did manage to make a lasagne but decided I was going for the cute vote with space shapes!

This is the standard of the photos I keep getting from my mum whilst being on holiday. I must admit I am feeling a little jel, but it makes me happy knowing they are having a nice time!

I picked up this little treat whilst on my lunch one day. I love Cadburys Mix-Ups but I am really unsure with the yoghurt version. Maybe it will grow on me eventually, it was a bit too sweet for my liking. It did make a bit of a naughty lunchtime treat though! 

That was a few things that made me happy this week, what has put a smile on your face? 
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

MAC eyeshadow - Trax

I feel like I haven't done a post like this in forever. I just haven't felt confident enough to do any make up posts since I fell over, but I figured I needed to start again one day so it may as well be now! Luckily I am just left with a few scars that can be covered in time but for now they will just have to be a little visible. Sorry, I just missed make up blogging too much to wait any longer!

Anyway onto my little purchase..

MAC trax eyeshadow
mac trax eyeshadow review

I got this eyeshadow a few weeks ago when I had a bit of a MAC splurge but have only recently started to use it properly. I seem to be steering towards purple/berry tones on my eyes lately, must be a sign of autumn brewing around the corner. Well that and the leaves falling off the trees being a bit of a giveaway. I picked up the shade Trax in my splurge as it just shone out at me amongst all of the eyshadows and after swatching, I was sold even more!
mac trax eyeshadow swatch
mac trax uk beauty blog
Available at Debenhams and MAC.

Trax is a lovely two tone shade which flickers between plum and copper. When you look closely you can see lots of copper glitter particles sprinkled in to make it the most perfect autumn colour a bit like crispy leaves when they start to fall.

The eyeshadow isn't very pigmented but is easily built upon to make it more opaque. I find that if you swatch it lightly you get a very faint grey/purple shade which looks okay layered upon another colour but maybe isn't so good left like on its own. The more layers that are added, the more wearable it is as it starts to be a lovely berry tone. I found this a lot easier to apply with your fingertip as using a brush tends to create a lot of fallout and not much shadow actually made it onto my eyelid.

I use this alongside my Naked2 Palette as it compliments the gold and nude tones really nicely. This doesn't crease on me whenever I wear it even without a primer which is a bonus, especially for days when I am at work or can't touch up my make up.

I really like this eyeshadow and think it is a good investment as something to wear everyday or even on nights out. Have you tried Trax, what do you think? 

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Monday, 22 September 2014

five things I have loved this week.. #8

Let me start by saying I'm sorry for posting this late. Yesterday flew by and before I knew it I was going to bed, I really do need to get back in organised mode! Last week was a bit of a cosy one really, a bit chilled out and nothing out of the ordinary. Heres a few things that made me smile though.

I went for a walk with my brother, nieces and Lewis yesterday which was lovely. My niece decided she wanted to pick some conkers and the basket she took was full within 5 minutes so the rest of the time was just spent playing at the park which was lovely.

This lovely little cat lives at the Mr's house. It's not his cat but it seems to have adopted his garden to live in and his mum feeds her. She is the cutest little thing that I named Mary Jane after my favourite super hero - Spiderman!

This song reminds me of dancing around the living room with my mum when I was little. I was watching Sunday Night at the Palladium and this song was on which brought back so many memories. You can't help but dance when it's on either!

There's not really much more to say other than this nandos made me very happy this week!

I love Adventure Time and I have been watching it lots this week. There is something about it that can just bring a smile to your face. If you haven't seen it, you need to watch it!

Hope you all had a lovely week too! 
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Monday, 15 September 2014

London Zoo

Last Saturday me and Lew spent the day in London, well when I say London we mainly went to London Zoo then had a wonder around some shops too. Going to the zoo is one of my favourite things to do! I love animals and literally end up memorised by them and how beautiful they are. I managed to take a billion photos, but have narrowed it down to a few to show you!

This little guy was wondering around Regent's Park, I can't believe how tame the squirrels are there.

This sign made me laugh, but is so true!

I love this, it looks like they're kissing! :)

The weather was so funny, one minute it chucked it down the next it was brilliant sunshine. The animals seemed to know this and a lot of them seemed to hide away in their shelters so I would love to go back on a sunnier day when they are out and about a bit more.

We had such a lovely day and managed to get the zoo tickets BOGOF as we went by train so it didn't work out too expensive. Here is the link we used, incase you are looking to go by train too! :) 
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Sunday, 14 September 2014

five things I have loved this week.. #7

I am so sorry that I haven't managed to post this week, the evenings have just disappeared in front of my eyes and I haven't managed to sit down and blog until now! I always find that I can't blog if I am tired either as I tend to ramble, well slightly more than usual anyway. And this week I have felt super tired, I think I just love my bed too much! 

Heres a few things that have made me happy this week..

I have loved watching the iTunes festival whilst being snuggled up at night when I have had time. My favourites have been Sam Smith and Maroon 5 as if that wouldn't have been obvious anyway!

Today I popped out shopping with my mum and whilst we were in Boots I decided to mooch around the make up counters. I managed to pick up a few Maybelline items, including the new Color Drama lip pencils which look amazing.

This was a present from one of my friends from work who is going back to uni. Obviously I had to pick the one that looked most like a lipgloss!

This song is so catchy, the more I have listened to it the more I feel like going out and dancing the night away!

I got my mum a pandora bracelet for her birthday which now means that we have been hunting down beads to fill it with. The new autumn collection is beautiful and I wouldn't mind treating myself to a few beads for my bracelet too! 

I hope you all have a lovely week, I will definitely be back to posting a lot more again as I seem to have got myself back into a routine finally! 
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Sunday, 7 September 2014

five things i have loved this week.. #6

Hello, I hope you guys have had a lovely weekend! I am feeling much better now, so am back to doing my five things I have loved posts. My weekend has been jam packed, hence me just managing to post now. I went to London with Lewis yesterday which was so lovely and tried to appreciate some of the sun today by going for a walk.

Here'e 5 things that have managed to make me happy this week.

I finally got my Mini two weeks ago but decided to celebrate by falling over and not being able to drive it! I have wanted a Mini since I learnt to drive and finally found the perfect one, I just need to think of a name now! This definitely cheered me up although staring out of the window at it and not being able to drive it, did make me a little bit sad!

Whilst we were in London yesterday, Lewis whisked me off to London Zoo. I absolutely love the zoo, which I have probably mentioned on here a zillion times but haven't been to London in years as I live really close to Whipsnade so usually just go there. I had such a nice day out and will do a separate post on this too as I took way too many photos!

Sam Smith is one of my absolute favourite artists ever. I'm sure I have put one of his songs on my 'things I have loved' posts before but I thought the album needs to be mentioned. It is one of my favourite albums and was my go to listen when I was off work recovering. His voice is just beautiful and you can tell he means every word he sings.

Sometimes Ollie is a thug, sometimes he can be the cutest cat ever. He did spend my pyjama week off snuggled up next to me though so I am starting to like him a little more until he attacks my feet again.

I love the print of this scarf from Accessorize and everyone needs a bit of retail therapy to cheer themselves up, even if Lewis does keep trying to steal it! 

What have you all been up to this week?
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