Friday, 15 August 2014

mac + l'oreal haul

I decided to have a little bit of a shopping splurge this week. I haven't been to MAC in ages so knew the next time that I visited it was going to be a good'un. I managed to pick up 2 L'Oreal balms from Boots on the way just for good measure too! Here's a little preview of what I brought, full reviews will be following soon!

loreal dare the dragonfruit
I fell in love with this shade instantly as it seems to have a lovely two-tone effect using glitter particles.

loreal sin for peach
These glosses are on offer in Boots, hence getting the 2 to try. I chose this one for a more understated everyday colour.

mac trax
I do love a nice sparkly eyeshadow. This shade is lovely and has a nice metallic sheen, I know this one will get used a lot.

mac breath of plum
I actually persuaded my mum to buy this, but will definitely be trying this out too. It looks like a nice transitional colour!

mac flat out fabulous
This is such a cute colour and one of my favourite finishes too!

mac new york apple
Again, this is my mums but I will be stealing it when she's not looking. I don't usually like frost finishes but this has a nice shine.

mac viva glam riri
I am a sucker for till add-ons so when I saw this I couldn't resist. It is my perfect red and I have a nail varnish to match exactly too...heaven!

I hope you like my haul! I will definitely be reviewing and swatching as soon as I can as I can't wait to play with these babies! ♥ 
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  1. such great choices! i need a mac lipstick soon :) x

  2. This has made me insanely jealous :'(

    I feel the need to go shopping!!

    1. Ha. I definitely won't be going shopping g for a whole now hehe!


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