Wednesday, 16 July 2014

pastel perfection

I thought I would bounce back with a bit of an outfit post today as I haven't done one in absolutely ages! It's just typical that the day I decide to put on a nice summer dress, the sun disappears and we get left with a horrible black cloud. It is still warm though, so hopefully that makes me look a little less silly.

Dress - Red Herring at Debenhams
Necklace - Swarovski
Sandals - River Island

I brought this dress last year from Debenhams sale, I never really look at the clothes in Debenhams except for when i'm trying to hunt down something by Henry Holland. I find that once I'm in there it's really hard for me to get past the MAC counter, so it made a nice change to look at their clothes. Once I spotted this dress, it was instant love. The colours are perfect for a summers day and the style is so me, although I do feel slightly overdressed in it sometimes but hey, who cares!
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  1. I love your blog! This is a great post :)
    Come visit me <3

  2. That dress is fabulous on you! I love that color combination, pastel mint/pink is just one of the best color combos known to man IMO ;3

    1. Thankyou! I do love a pastel combo! :)

  3. Ohh your dress is so beautiful, I can see why it was instant love! <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. Love your swarovski necklace ^^

  5. Love the dress! You look gorgeous!


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