Thursday, 3 July 2014

my first proper haul - primark and littlewoods

I have been wanting to do a haul style post in ages, but I never seem to buy enough in one go. Usually I am one of these 1 or 2 items at a time shoppers as I end up feeling guilty for spending money when my car still needs petrol ha! I did go to Primark earlier today though and managed to pick up a few bits, I didn't actually go mad and spend a fortune which is good for me. Today was what I call a good Primark day when there is lots of nice things and you could spend lots more than you do. I've also added a few bits that I brought from Littlewoods recently too!

Here is a few things I brought...

aztec cardi primark
Aztec Print Short Sleeved Cardigan - Primark
Our weather is so unpredictable, so I got this for those cold but not freezing kind of days or when it gets a little bit nippy at night. I really love the colours too, I think its perfect to throw on over a vest and jeggings.

paul frank tee primark

Paul Frank Tee - Primark
When i was younger I used to be obsessed with Paul Frank. Anything with that monkey on I used to have and don't even get me started on the skull version, I definitely had some little obsessive collection going on. This was hanging in the pyjama section, but I didn't pick up any bottoms like an idiot so am going to go for a bit of an oversized tee/nightie combo.

paul frank socks primark

Paul Frank Socks - Primark
Back on the Paul Frank theme, I actually love these little socks especially as I have been wearing trainers a lot more lately.

primark flower crown
Flower Crown - Primark
I love a flower crown, although I prefer them nice and simple as the big floral styles seem to look really silly on me. At £3 you can't really go wrong either!

supra polkadot vaider hi tops

Supra Vaider Hi Tops - Littlewoods
I go through stages, where I wear nothing but trainers then flit to just shoes and then back to trainers again. I have wanted these for ages, so as soon as they went into sale I snapped them right up! They are the girliest trainers ever and I absolutely love them!

fearne cotton blue purple lace dress

Fearne Cotton Dress - Littlewoods
I have loved this dress since it was on the Very advert a while back with Fearne wearing it, but have never had any excuse to buy it. I am going to a wedding next month, so thought this was the perfect time to wear it! I saw it was in the sale too and managed to order it before it sold out, which never usually happens to me!

ted baker bag

Ted Baker Bag - Littlewoods
I was in desperate need of a new smaller bag. My other bags tend to be really big and I always fill them with bits that I don't even need with me, this bag is the perfect size and goes with everything too. Littlewoods makes me so happy as I would never have been able to afford it in one go ha!

Well I hope you enjoyed my first haul style post! Let me know what you think in the comments section, do you think I should make it a more regular thing? 
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  1. I'm similar with picking up a small amount of things each time :) - love the Ted Baker bag! :)

    Style Sunrise


    1. Definitely! Means you can buy more without feeling so guilty too! ;)

  2. That Ted Baker bag! Soooo nice xx


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