I mentioned before in my holiday recap post that I really enjoyed the opportunity to just sit and think about different things. I think sometimes you need that chance to just step away from ‘life’ and take a bit of a break, whether its physically going away or just not doing something for a while, it enables you to take a fresher look at things. This is exactly what I did whilst being away and I came up with a few goals for myself. The first one being..

One of the things that I definitely thought about on holiday was this blog. Before I went away, I started to feel like I was blogging without a purpose, like different posts were written for the sake of writing a post. Even after all this time, the thought of people reading this little blog still flatters and scares me and sometimes I feel pressured in a way that I tend to lose my writing style and write how I think people want to read, not in a way that flows for me. Don’t get me wrong I love sharing new finds and parts of my life with you all, but I got so caught up in a serious side of blogging which made me lose sense in any fun and lets face it, most of us blog for fun anyway! Reviews became robotic and my heart didn’t feel in it. Being away from the blog made me analyse what I wanted to do and where I want the blog to go. I have decided I am going back to old blogging Emmy, where I found everything about a post fun, because if I am not having fun I’m pretty sure no-one else will be! So from now on, I am going to just have fun! I also promise to post more often as I seem to have lost any sense of organisation too, sorry about that! ♥ 

A few other goals I set myself whilst being away were…

I say this every time I go to Spain, then forget when I come home. Not this time, I want to speak Spanish and have fluent conversations. I started to learn it at GCSE but gave up as I found it too stressful with all of my other subjects, I do wish I had kept it up though and now is my opportunity to learn it.
I really do need to save a few pennies otherwise I have no chance of affording the little farm of animals I have planned for when me and Lewis eventually move out.

This links to the other goal really. I have the design that I want ready, I just need to save and not talk myself out of it. I tend to do this with everything, if it doesn’t happen instantly I talk myself out of things by the time they happen.

This one is self explanatory, I just want to be happy in everything I do! Life isn’t worth worrying about!
I have just realised how random all of those goals look, but hey hopefully I get them done! Thank you all for sticking by me! Sorry about the essay of a post, I just hope you all enjoyed reading and I will be back to normal from now! 

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  1. July 13, 2014 / 10:12 pm

    When reading this I felt like I was reading something from my own mind.
    I do everything on this list haha! I need to spend more time nurturing my blog and getting it out there and finding so many other blogs to read!. The talking yourself out of everything part? Yes…..to everything I do. I get really exited about something and plan for it for a few days or a few weeks but then as time gets closer to that date all those little voices come out and I end up backing down 🙁
    If you find a way to be happier please message me the secret!
    I'm in a situation in my life where I live somewhere extremely negative and it's made me naturally unhappy. Over the past 2 or so years I've tried to find a way to be naturally happy and positive but found set backs and fell back into the same old ways!
    It's very hard but when you get there its certainly rewarding! 🙂

    • July 24, 2014 / 8:11 pm

      Thankyou for your comment sweetpea.
      I think sometimes you just need to ignore those voices and just go for it! This is the motto that I am trying to get myself into anyway! 😉
      I think sometimes you just need to remove the negativity in your life, otherwise you will always be in that negative frame of mind.

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