five things I have loved this week.. #2

I was hoping to post way more that I did last week. I don’t really know what happened the week kind of just flew and i’m not too sure where! I really need to learn to manage my time more efficiently! Here are a few things that have brought me happiness though!

hoptimus prime
I went to a Pub Quiz this week. It was music themed and we were rubbish! When I say rubbish we either knew every question in the round or none at all, it was very hit or miss! One thing that did make me and Lewis smile though was this Ale plaque that was on the wall. I think Hoptimus Prime is the best play on words ever! It still makes me laugh, even now!
I said in my goal post, that I wanted to learn Spanish. Well for once I am actually doing something and trying to stick to it! If you don’t know, Duolingo is a free site where you can learn a different language, all you have to do is sign up and work your way through the lessons. It is really simple and fun too and I do feel like I am actually learning something, I hope!
My mum was watching a program on The Temptations this week and when this song started it instantly took me back to being a child and dancing around the room with her. I always used to say this song was about me, I still secretly think it is, ignoring the fact that I wasn’t even born when it was out of course!
teenage mutant ninja turtle pyjamas

I done a sneaky Primark trip this week. As my local store is open until 9, it is so nice to pop out there at night just for a mooch around without the crazy Primarni shoppers. I had to pick up the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pyjamas whilst I was there, I have quite the obsession with pyjamas these days!

sugar skull nail art

You may have seen these decals on the blog before (here)! I haven’t used them in a while but they are just so cute, I knew as soon as the pastel varnishes came out these needed to be layered on top!

I hope you have all had a lovely week, adiós!

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