kings of leon – mechanical bull tour

kings of leon mk bowl
kings of leon national bowl
kings of leon mechanical bull tour

On Sunday I went to see the amazing Kings of Leon at The National Bowl. I absolutely love KOL and the Bowl is not even a 10 minute drive from my house so it’s a win-win situation, even though the weather was nice so we walked. It’s safe to say that definitely doesn’t take 10 minutes to walkand my legs felt like they were going to drop off!
I love The National Bowl as a venue and I really don’t think it is utilised enough. I have seen Foo Fighters and Green Day here, but concerts happen rarely and there is always a good few months/years between each one. If the weather is nice you can spend a lovely day out, just sitting on the grass soaking up the atmosphere but even if it is raining the vibe is still great.
Kings of Leon were so good live, they played a mixture of old and new songs. Mainly new, but when they played their older stuff the crowd loved it, especially Lewis as he prefers their older material. Caleb’s vocals were so good and he isn’t bad to look at either! (lol) We didn’t manage to get near the front and usually that means I see nothing but there was a slight gap in the crowd which meant I could see the stage, bonus!
This was one of my favourites on the night!

This has made me really want to go to a festival next year, so I suppose I better get planning! ♥ GFC ♥ RSS ♥ bloglovin ♥ facebook ♥ twitter ♥       


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