Thursday, 24 April 2014

revlon electric chrome collection - spidey sense

When I found out that Revlon were releasing a collection based on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 I squealed a little inside. I absolutely love Spidey and knew I would love this collection too. If you follow me on Instagram (@emmypops), you will know that I picked up one of these nail varnishes in the shade 'Spidey Sense' last week. I chose this one mainly because the shade is beautiful but it really was the name that sold me, I mean I have never seen a product with a name better than this one!

revlon spidey sense polish
revlon electric chrome collection review
revlon spiderman collection
Revlon Electric Chrome Nail Enamel - Spidey Sense £6.49

Spidey Sense comes across as a bright metallic red in some lights and flicks to a nice magenta tone in others. It really is a beautiful shade and even if it wasn't associated with Spider-Man I like to think I would have chosen this as it really is lovely. I am such a fan of two-tone nail varnishes anyway and all of the collection has a cute chrome effect. Next on my hitlist are 'I'm Electro' and '1000 Volts'.

I found this a bit gloopy on first application, but after a good old shake it applied really well. I finally went to see Spider-Man yesterday and oh my was it A-MA-ZING, if you haven't seen it you really need to go! 
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  1. That is so sparkly and metallic and gorgeous. I would rock this around Christmas time too.


    1. Yes I was thinking this is such a christmassy colour too! :)

  2. How did I not know about this collection?! Love it. Also how cool is the lid?

    1. Ha, I ended up doing a double take in Boots when I saw it. I love the lid too, it's relevant but still nice and cute! :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Definitely perfect for Christmas! Thankyou for following me lovely! :)


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