a little trip to the zoo

I spent last week looking after my lovely nieces whilst my mum and dad have been on holiday. Honestly babysitting a 10 month old and a 5 year old after school is so stressful ha! I really don’t know how you mummy’s have enough energy to do anything when looking after children, by the time they left I was drained and covered in baby food…lovely!
When Thursday came around me and Lewis decided we should have a little us time and take a trip to the zoo. I must admit I am like a little kid when it comes to the zoo, I walk around with the cheesiest grin on my face looking at all of the animals. Luckily I live about half and hour away from Whipsnade Zoo so thought we would take a trip there. The weather wasn’t too bad, but a lot of the animals decided not to show their faces which was a bit of a shame, but the ones I did see were beautiful.
 Spot the chimp!
 Me and Lewis always see ducks wherever we go and always have a bit of a joke that it’s me and him in duck form.
 I aways think of The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland when I see Flamingos. Yes I did sing ‘painting the roses red..’
 How cute is this giraffe?!
 Sleeping Lions
 I do love meerkats and think they should all be called Aleksandr.

This little ditch of Mara babies is super cute!
I can’t believe I went round the whole zoo without seeing a single peacock too! (They roam freely around Whipsnade.) I used to always go when I was little and see if I could find any peacock feathers on the floor and managed to find one once, amazing!
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