models own hypergel polish – turquoise gloss + blue glint

models own blue glint turquoise gloss
models own hypergel polish
Models Own – Turquoise Gloss + Blue Glint £5

I’ve come to a decision that every time I say that I am going to blog more, I seem to get worse so I am hoping that if I don’t say anything in theory I will become amazing at posting again! *fingers crossed!* ha.

I thought I would show you these 2 lovely nail varnishes that I have had for a little while now, I haven’t posted about them yet as the stress of my life means that my nails and hands are appalling so thought there was no way I was going to photograph them. I remembered that I have hundreds of these falsies lying around, as at one stage that was going to be my new business venture, don’t ask! So thought I could show you this way for the time being, hope you don’t mind too much!

The HyperGel range is Models Own’s take on a gel finish without the need for a UV light. I chose Blue Glint and Turquoise Gloss as these were the 2 that I know I will wear most in summer months. Blue Glint is a vibrant sky blue and Turquoise Gloss is a glossy sea foam colour and they both work really well together too!


I have been wearing Turquoise Gloss for a good week and a half now and it is only really showing slight signs of tip wear so I am really impressed and that is without a topcoat too. These are so nice to apply and in 2 coats they are fully opaque and glossy. I will definitely be investing in more of these, I just have to decided which colours to pick! 

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