Wednesday, 26 March 2014

models own hypergel polish - turquoise gloss + blue glint

models own blue glint turquoise gloss
models own hypergel polish
Models Own - Turquoise Gloss + Blue Glint £5

I've come to a decision that every time I say that I am going to blog more, I seem to get worse so I am hoping that if I don't say anything in theory I will become amazing at posting again! *fingers crossed!* ha.

I thought I would show you these 2 lovely nail varnishes that I have had for a little while now, I haven't posted about them yet as the stress of my life means that my nails and hands are appalling so thought there was no way I was going to photograph them. I remembered that I have hundreds of these falsies lying around, as at one stage that was going to be my new business venture, don't ask! So thought I could show you this way for the time being, hope you don't mind too much!

The HyperGel range is Models Own's take on a gel finish without the need for a UV light. I chose Blue Glint and Turquoise Gloss as these were the 2 that I know I will wear most in summer months. Blue Glint is a vibrant sky blue and Turquoise Gloss is a glossy sea foam colour and they both work really well together too!
I have been wearing Turquoise Gloss for a good week and a half now and it is only really showing slight signs of tip wear so I am really impressed and that is without a topcoat too. These are so nice to apply and in 2 coats they are fully opaque and glossy. I will definitely be investing in more of these, I just have to decided which colours to pick! 
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Monday, 17 March 2014

MAC matte lipstick - heroine

uk beauty blog
mac heroine lipstick
mac heroine swatches

So I thought I would start a new week with a new post about a new lipstick, lots of new there! This isn't just any old lipstick either, it is the much coveted MAC Heroine lipstick! I have wanted this lipstick ever since I saw that it was making a return and managed to bagsy the last one in my local store all thanks to my mum, I have definitely trained her well. You don't realise how hard it was for me to take photos before using it too, I just wanted to put it straight on but managed to resist temptation, phew!
mac heroine review
mac heroine matte lipstick
To me, Heroine is the most amazingly, amazing shade going. I love the vibrancy of it so much and I am so happy it is now a permanent shade. I know that it won't be everyones cup of tea because it is so bright but I can't help but smile and feel good when I wear it. This isn't the most typical shade I would go for, but every now and again I like to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. 
In some lights this lipstick has a very fuchsia toned feel and in others it has a deeper violet look. I love the fact that every time I wear it, it seems to look slightly different, a magic lipstick perhaps? In the bullet the colour does look a lot darker, but when swatched it seems to brighten up slightly. This lasted a good 6 hours on me before needing to be touched up which is what you need with such a bold lipstick.
Being a matte formula, the pigmentation is really good and compared to other matte's I have tried it isn't as drying which is a bonus too, although a bit of lip balm never hurts anyway. The shade makes me think of Feel My Pulse from last years Temperature Rising collection, but this is slightly more purple.
I absolutely love this shade and think everyone should give it a go at least once, you never know you may be pleasantly surprised. Although I haven't really had anywhere to go and show it off. The next cocktail night, I know I will definitely be wearing this beauty. 
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Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Okay, so after my last post I was trying to think of a way of getting back into blogging. I really couldn't think of what my next post was going to be about. I have been suffering from a bit of a blogging block if you like, I sometimes get this when I leave it a little while between posts. When I went for a drive earlier in the week and discovered this, I couldn't not show you it and I knew it would bring my inspiration back...

spiderman dinosaur

HOW AMAZING, RIGHT?! My phone has gone in for repair so I had to drive home to pick up my camera and drive back ha! Why is it that you always find instagrammable (new word?) things when you have no camera? You know when something instantly make you happy, well this really does especially as spiderman is one of my favourites anyway!

This dinosaur is right near my house and has been around years but I have actually never seen it, shows how observant I am! No-one knows who painted it like spidey, but whoever it is deserves a medal. I actually love it and think it should stay like this forever. 

Do you have any hidden gems in your town?
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