Tuesday, 11 February 2014

valentines treat ideas

I can't help but love to hate valentines day. I do love a novelty item, so anywhere that sells heart shaped chocolates and love themed cakes I am there. But then on the flip side, I hate the fact that such a big thing is made of just one day, surely if you love someone you should show them everyday! Sorry...*throws up*

I mentioned before that me and Lewis won't be really making a thing of it in a bid to save money which will hopefully let us have an extra cocktail on holiday..we hope! One thing we will undoubtedly do is get some valentines themed treats that won't cost too much. Here is a selection of the bits I have been tempted by!

valentine food ideas

I absolutely love these heart shaped cookies they actually sit on the side of a mug which is the cutest idea ever, although the shape does look slightly like a tooth, just me? You can't beat a good box of love hearts, they really are addictive and remind me of when I was little. I think the share amount on this personalised chocolate bar is just about right, although I would probably end up eating it all myself! You can't beat a box of alphabet trufflesyou can write your own message and there is enough to share too without any arguments! I think this heart shaped plate is nice to put all of the chocolates and treats on and it can be used all year round too. I have had one these dipping adventures before and they are really good for a cute evening in and the breadsticks taste amazing!

What will you be doing for Valentines, do you make a big thing of it or is a cosy evening in more your thing too?
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  1. Ooh dipping adventures looks pretty amazing x

    1. They really are! What's not to love with melted chocolate eh? :)


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