Sunday, 9 February 2014

sunday nails #56 - i ♥ you

Yay, Sunday nails is back! I am sorry it has been absent for the last few weeks, but all of a sudden everything seemed to keep cropping up on a Sunday which left me no time to post!

This week I thought I would have a bit of a love heart theme going ready for Valentines day. I actually keep forgetting it's Valentines this week, it's cropped up so quickly don't you think? Not that me and Lewis will do anything for it, we have decided that we are saving any money that we can towards our holiday, so that means no unnecessary presents (although I am still hopeful for a card at least!)

valentines nail art ideas
heart nail art
valentines nails

For this look I used nails inc. foil effect polish in Kings Road and Max Factor Nailfinity in Disco Pink. I thought I would paint on alternating coloured hearts to create a nice simple effect. I think this would look nice in any combination really and you could even use pastels for a nice subtle feel.

I hope you have all had a lovely Sunday! Look out for more Valentines inspired posts this week! 
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  1. That looks pretty! Good job on the hearts that must have been a bit difficult!



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