Friday, 28 February 2014



This little blog has had to take a bit of a backseat recently which makes me sad and I want to apologise. I just seem to be getting one bit of bad news after another and the past week or so has been an absolute nightmare. My nan is poorly and my beloved cat passed away all within the space of a few days so I haven't really felt in the mood for blogging/getting out of my pyjamas/leaving the house. In short, the sad part life has just got on top of me really. 

I got into my head that blogging about a new mascara or lipstick was a bit trivial when there was more important things going on at home. Although now that I think about it, I usually find that blogging is a way for me to escape, so I probably should have embraced it more than stopping completely. I do hate leaving it a long time between posting with no reason, so thought this would explain why I have been a bit sporadic lately, even my beloved instagram and twitter have not really been updated as no one wants to see a picture of my sad face!

I feel a lot more positive than I did at the beginning of this week, so will definitely be back to posting properly soon. 
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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

maybelline big eyes mascara

maybelline big eyes mascara
maybelline big eyes mascara swatch
maybelline big eyes mascara review

I do love an impulse buy, I am a companies marketing dream. As soon as I see an advert I like, I will instantly be on a mission to buy the product. This was exactly the case when I spotted Maybelline's new mascara on the telly, I knew I needed to try it. 

Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara is Maybelline's first double brush mascara. It has a brush on each end, one aiming to push up and widen the top lashes and another mini brush for bottom set of lashes.

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beauty bloggers

I find that this mascara has aspects that work pretty well, as someone who never wears mascara on my lower lashes I was always going to be intrigued. The mini brush is really easy to manoeuvre and it only picks up a small amount of product which I liked as there is nothing worse than clumpy bottom lashes.

The push up brush that is designed for the top lashes did fan them out slightly and my lashes appeared a lot longer, although I didn't see much 'pushing up' going on. Compared to other mascaras I have used it doesn't really stand out too much.

I do really like the effect that this mascara has on the bottom lashes and will probably be trying it more often as my eyes look a lot wider. I think that this on its own creates a bit of a 60's inspired look. My only niggle is that a lot of smudging went on under my eyes, creating a bit of a panda eye! But I am not sure whether this is down to the product or me forgetting it is on the bottom and rubbing my eyes.

I found that overall I was ever so slightly disappointed. I really like the bottom brush but the top was nothing to write home about and compared to the advert I didn't quite find that the end result was as good for me as it looks on the telly. I do tend to find this always happens though, maybe I shouldn't be such a sucker for advertisements! 
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Thursday, 13 February 2014

MAC pressed pigment - black grape

mac black grape
mac black grape review
mac black grape pressed pigment

I feel like I haven't gone and purchased an eyeshadow in forever. I actually use them all of the time, but tend to stick to the old Naked 2 palette on a daily basis so never have a need for anything else. I purchased this a few weeks ago, when I was actually on the hunt for a new lipstick..sidetracked again! I was in the queue, when the girl in front of me was getting this and it caught my eye so I went and picked one up too, nothing like a bit of impulse buying there ha!

I have never tried a MAC pressed pigment before but have always heard good things. The magpie inside me, couldn't not love the shimmery goodness of it anyway.

mac pressed pigment swatch
uk beauty blog

Black Grape is a nice grey shade with a subtle purple hint. In the pan it looks like a very deep silvery grey with hardly any purple, but when applied the purple can really be seen and you are left with an almost pinky shimmer. It is held within the typical black MAC pan which has the clear window to see what's inside. I love this packaging as the eyeshadows look all pretty and colourful lined up in a row on the side, just me that does this?

The eyeshadow is extremely pigmented, when used dry you get a nice subtle colour with a slight shimmer and used wet you get a more intense greige hit. I was quite surprised at how well it sticks to the eyelids, I was expecting a huge fallout as I have had with glittery based eyeshadows before but this didn't budge for me at all which is always a plus. I really love the subtle sparkle that is seen when you blink, it adds a nice twinkly effect to the eye without being too glitterbomb.

I am such a fan of this pressed pigment and will definitely be trying more. Next on my hitlist is Rock Candy; a nice shimmery pink. 
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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

valentines treat ideas

I can't help but love to hate valentines day. I do love a novelty item, so anywhere that sells heart shaped chocolates and love themed cakes I am there. But then on the flip side, I hate the fact that such a big thing is made of just one day, surely if you love someone you should show them everyday! Sorry...*throws up*

I mentioned before that me and Lewis won't be really making a thing of it in a bid to save money which will hopefully let us have an extra cocktail on holiday..we hope! One thing we will undoubtedly do is get some valentines themed treats that won't cost too much. Here is a selection of the bits I have been tempted by!

valentine food ideas

I absolutely love these heart shaped cookies they actually sit on the side of a mug which is the cutest idea ever, although the shape does look slightly like a tooth, just me? You can't beat a good box of love hearts, they really are addictive and remind me of when I was little. I think the share amount on this personalised chocolate bar is just about right, although I would probably end up eating it all myself! You can't beat a box of alphabet trufflesyou can write your own message and there is enough to share too without any arguments! I think this heart shaped plate is nice to put all of the chocolates and treats on and it can be used all year round too. I have had one these dipping adventures before and they are really good for a cute evening in and the breadsticks taste amazing!

What will you be doing for Valentines, do you make a big thing of it or is a cosy evening in more your thing too?
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Sunday, 9 February 2014

sunday nails #56 - i ♥ you

Yay, Sunday nails is back! I am sorry it has been absent for the last few weeks, but all of a sudden everything seemed to keep cropping up on a Sunday which left me no time to post!

This week I thought I would have a bit of a love heart theme going ready for Valentines day. I actually keep forgetting it's Valentines this week, it's cropped up so quickly don't you think? Not that me and Lewis will do anything for it, we have decided that we are saving any money that we can towards our holiday, so that means no unnecessary presents (although I am still hopeful for a card at least!)

valentines nail art ideas
heart nail art
valentines nails

For this look I used nails inc. foil effect polish in Kings Road and Max Factor Nailfinity in Disco Pink. I thought I would paint on alternating coloured hearts to create a nice simple effect. I think this would look nice in any combination really and you could even use pastels for a nice subtle feel.

I hope you have all had a lovely Sunday! Look out for more Valentines inspired posts this week! 
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Friday, 7 February 2014

clap along if you feel like a room without a roof

Dress - Primark
Tights - Tu at Sainsburys
Shoes - New Look

It always amazes me when Primark has a sale, there is something about it that my brain can never seem to understand as their prices are so cheap to start with. So when I spotted this little beaut for £5, I knew I had to have it. I do love a tea dress, they are my signature style I just think they are so flattering and can be layered easily too. I absolutely love the pattern of this, to add a nice twist I teamed it with my aubergine tights too.

Have you picked up any bargains lately? 
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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

maybelline chromatics eyeliner - purple light

maybelline chromatics
uk beauty blog

I brought this eyeliner a few weeks ago, after purchasing the turquoise shade from the Chromatics range before and vowing to try more colours. I absolutely fell in love with the creamy formula and knew this metallic purple wouldn't disappoint.
maybelline purple light eyeliner review
maybelline chromatics purple light swatch
maybelline purple light

The formula of this is super creamy as I mentioned before, in my last post I even went as far as to compare it to good ole Urban Decay pencils which I would happily stand by that point. The shade is a beautiful metallic violet which makes me think of liquid metal. It is seriously eyecatching and perfect for creating a bold looking eye.

The pencil itself is so easy to grip as it is quite thin and not too bulky. It has amazing pigmentation, in one swipe you are left with a really good amount of colour which can then be built upon too. My only niggle is that the nib tends to wear down really quickly, so it does need to be sharpened quite frequently! 

I am really impressed with the wear time of this, as maybelline say this will stay for up to 16 hours and I wore this whilst I was at work doing stocktake and this didn't budge a bit! I think this shade is perfect for a night out, if you are looking for a soft creamy pencil thats not too expensive, then I would 100% recommend this range. 
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