maroon 5.

So on Saturday, I spent the day in London with my besties before we headed to the O2 in the evening to see Maroon 5. We gathered as we were in London, we would do a spot of shopping and using my amazing willpower I didn’t actually spend a penny…go me!
louboutins selfridges
Obviously a trip to London isn’t right without a Selfridges stop! Naturally I fell in love with a selection of Louboutin’s that I don’t think I will be affording anytime soon!

robin thicke o2 arena
robin thicke supprot maroon 5
maroon 5 gig
maroon 5 gig o2 arena
Trying to perfect a selfie when my camera is not playing ball.

The gig itself was actually amazing. I have been a huge fan of Maroon 5 for years and to actually see them live is a dream come true. Unfortunately the camera on my phone decided to break, so luckily i managed to nick a lot of the photos from Taran!
They were supported by PJ Morton and Robin Thicke. I had never heard of PJ Morton before, but it turns out he is the stand in keyboardist for Maroon 5 but has quite a pleasant voice too. I was wondering what Robin Thicke was going to fill an hour slot with but turns out he does sing a few more songs other than Blurred Lines ha!
I was seriously so excited to see Maroon 5 and they were amazingly good. Adam Levine is the best looking man ever…FACT and I think I may have fallen in love with him slightly. They sang a huge range of songs, new to old and they sound even better live than they do recorded. When they performed an acoustic version of ‘She Will Be Loved’ it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up as it was so beautiful. Since the gig, I can’t stop listening to them either..for me thats always a sign i’ve been to a good show! ♥ GFC ♥ RSS ♥ bloglovin ♥ facebook ♥ twitter ♥       


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